CobbleStone Software Blog Recap for December 2021

By Joshua Hansen on 12/30/21

Did you miss any of our blog posts from December?  Don’t worry; we have outlined each of them for you.  Stay up-to-date with industry topics, real-world case studies, and contract management and procurement best practices in 2022 by reading the latest CobbleStone® content.

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Manage Contracts Remotely – Contract Management Best Practices Series

By Joshua Hansen on 12/21/21

Managing contracts from requests to renewals can prove difficult when relying on primarily local processes.  Without effective remote contract management tools, you can find yourself running into inefficient contract management processes that limit workplace flexibility and create contract workflow bottlenecks.  Read on to learn how leading contract management software can support remote contract management success.

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Manage Contract Risk - Contract Management Best Practices Series

By Sean Heck on 12/16/21

Managing contract risk is crucial in ensuring the health of a contract.  Overlooking unchecked contract risk variables can have catastrophic consequences for not only contracts – but for your organization as a whole.  In order to avoid wasted time, wasted revenue, a damaged organizational reputation, lawsuits, and more – embrace contract risk management best practices.  Learn how with this blog from our Contract Management Best Practices Series.

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Speedy eSignature Signing - Contract Management Best Practices Series

By Joshua Hansen on 12/15/21

Gathering required signatures for contracts can prove challenging, especially when working with multiple signatories in various locations.  Considering signatures finalize contracts and propel their post-award execution, this highly anticipated step can be delayed with manual wet signatures and disparate signing processes.  Contract management best practices require leveraging speedy eSignatures for CLM process-flow success.  Read on to learn how eSignatures offered by contract management software can make online contract signing quick and easy.

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