What Is Contract Management? Here’s What You Need To Know.

    By Sean Heck on 05/29/24

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    Contracts are legally binding agreements that define and govern the exchange of goods or services. A contract’s journey – from creation to fulfillment and completion – is complex and leaves room for errors and oversights. As such, a process has been generally agreed upon for the handling of contracts. This process is referred to as contract management.

    But what is contract management, and how can it be approached? Here’s what you need to know.

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    A Concise Contract Management Best Practice Guide

    By Joshua Hansen on 09/27/23

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    Managing contracts from requests to renewals can prove difficult when relying on primarily manual processes. Your organization could be sacrificing accountability, visibility, a clearly defined strategy, and actionable insights. As such, you can find yourself running into compliance issues, minimizing contract value, and encountering other setbacks. 

    But it does not have to be this way. Modern advances in contract management technology can allow your organization to scale with success.

    Read on to learn how to manage contracts effectively and how leading contract management software can support each of the contract lifecycle management best practices below for efficient contracting processes.

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    Contract Management Reports for Robust CLM Data Analytics Oversight

    By Joshua Hansen on 01/23/23

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    Tracking contract management data with manual and disparate processes throughout the contract lifecycle can prove challenging.  You can waste time and energy without readily accessible contract management reports for the following.

    • Contract Financials
    • Contract Terms
    • Workflows
    • Budgets
    • KPIs
    • Vendors
    • Compliance Data
    • & Other Essential Contract Data

    Fortunately, leading contract management software can provide you with contract management reports for robust contract performance management oversight.

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    The CobbleStone University Certification Program

    By Tyler Holzer on 08/18/22

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    CobbleStone Software is proud to introduce the CobbleStone University Certification Program (CUCP)! The program will strengthen and verify our Partner Network’s expertise in CobbleStone Contract Insight® Enterprise. The program is comprised of a series of live training sessions and videos with accompanying documentation, and culminates in assessments to earn your certification. Read on to learn more!

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