Flexible User Permissions Strategies in Contract Management Software

By Connie Egan on 02/24/17

Not every contract is meant to be viewed by every set of eyeballs in an organization. Organizational controls must be defined to determine if all contract management software users should be able to have free reign over the system or if permissions should be established within the application. Most contract data stored in a CLM system is confidential to specific departments and should only be viewed by certain users. Converting to digital contracts means no more locking important data in a file cabinet in an associate’s office.

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How Does Contract Management Software Help Organizations Save Money and Improve Efficiency?

By Bradford Jones on 02/8/17

No matter the industry your organization is in, contracts are a major component of daily operations. Contracts are created for business partnerships, labor, vendor transactions, customers, and more.  Restaurant owners hire vendors for various produce and animal products. Human resources personnel create contracts when they hire employees and when there are changes to the employee handbook. Educators create contracts when enlisting the services or products of vendors.

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