The Benefits of CobbleStone’s Contract Insight eSign Options

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    The benefits of eSign in CobbleStone Contract Insight

    Electronic signature (Esignature) is not a new concept in business practice. In fact, telegraph signatures were once legally acceptable. Times have changed, of course. Even the traditional wet signature seems to be a thing of the past for many companies. In mid-2000, eSignature was ruled by Congress to ensure the same legal standing as a traditional handwritten signature. ESign even has its own national holiday, June 30th, if you plan to mark it on your calendar.

    We live in a digital world. In order to put a contract together, one can jump into a contract management software system, fill in any relevant fields, and before you know it a contract is created. If the contract needs to be sent to a vendor it can easily be sent by email in the blink of an eye. The signature process has now taken the same digital ease. CobbleStone’s Contract Insight™ provides a few easy-to-use options when it comes to how an organization plans on getting contracts signed electronically.


    IntelliSign is the first of two of CobbleStone’s own propriety option. IntelliSign is a more direct tool in Contract Insight. Through the contract record, a user is able to send out the appropriate document out for signature through the system. A title and description can be added along with option to allow a vendor to sign anywhere or a required set position (signature block). A reply can be sent to any internal employee required for the record as well alerting them of the signed document. This e-sign option does not require any of the processes that will be mentioned below. If an organization chooses to use e-Approvals the document can be sent through IntelliSign after the process is complete as well. IntelliSign is a tool to use for fast, simple electronic signatures that do not require rules-based processing.

    Guided IntelliSign

    Next is Guided IntelliSign. Guided IntelliSign revolves around rules-based processes set by the organization. These processes can include creating a list of whom and when internal users and vendors/clients have to sign the document. To get the e-Signature process started in Contract Insight the user can first go through an e-Approval processes or direct to signature. Similar to workflow, e-Approval processes are configurable rules-based reviews for approvals, edits, and comments through the CobbleStone portal.

    Once the approvals are complete, authorized users can proceed with sending the document though e-Signature. Users can send to as many signatories as needed and decide in what order it is sent out. Set areas on the document are set by the user for all parties involved to know where they are supposed to sign easily and quickly.

    For both options, Contract Insight will send out alerts to the overseer, making them aware of where the document is at all times in their inbox. In addition to the alerts, users have the ability to check the status of the process easily with the signature dashboard. In the email sent to the counterparty (vendor/client/partner) will be a link to access the portal allowing the vendor to login in by secure pin to review and sign the contract.

    DocuSign Integration

    CobbleStone offers in-application integration with DocuSign electronic signature software. DocuSign can be accessed in the document toolbox on a contract record. Authorized users can then initiate the DocuSign eSign process. Once the document is signed by the vendor or client through DocuSign, it will be attached back to the contract record.

    In addition to the robust contract lifecycle management core features, Contract Insight™ provides organizations with a quick, easy way to get contracts signed electronically. IntelliSign is set to meet your organization’s needs and requirements, as well provide a quick and easy solution for your vendors/clients. eSignature is another effective tool to add to any contract management software system and CobbleStone continues to lead the market with multiple user-friendly solutions.

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    Published: 05/12/17
    Connie Egan

    Written by Connie Egan

    Connie Egan is a Sales Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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