CobbleStone Employee Focus: Mike Gormley, Sales Department Manager

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    CobbleStone Software interviews Sales Department Manager, Mike Gormley.

    Mike Gormley, the Sales Department Manager at CobbleStone Software, has been a member of the CobbleStone® family since January 2018. Recently, we interviewed Mike about his experience at CobbleStone, and he shared some brief insights into his role as well as some great information about upcoming webinars and learning events.

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    Can you tell us a bit about your experience and background in CLM software and contract management?

    Mike: I have been with the CobbleStone Software team since January of 2018. Since then, I have progressed through my career at CobbleStone - eventually becoming a Senior Account Manager, and then CobbleStone Sales Department Manager. During my time with CobbleStone, I have assisted many clients from ranging industries in the evaluation and onboarding process to present the numerous benefits of CobbleStone’s CLM software. I have provided advanced support with client contract administration requirements, assisted with a frictionless implementation process, and supported post-execution activities to ensure a positive client ROI.


    Can you provide a brief overview of what CobbleStone's legal tech webinars will cover?

    Mike: During the webinars, we will be touching on a variety of topics such as AI-based contract negotiations, a user-friendly and streamlined user interface, proactive field recommendations for powerful contract management, insightful contract data extraction summaries with VISDOM contract AI, concise clause extraction similarities to gauge consistency of language for contract clauses, and much more!

    I hope to have attendees walk away learning why the future of legal and procurement operations depends on their organization's digital transformation as well.


    CobbleStone Software is hosting a webinar with Today's General Counsel on legal contract management.


    Are there any notable success stories that you've been involved with that highlight the impact of legal technology webinars?

    Mike: I have assisted with many webinars in the past and have been very involved with the whole process. I enjoy leading these seminars and educating legal professionals and adjacent contract managers about the great benefits of CLM software and all that it can provide to organizations in need. To be able to assist individuals who were facing a myriad of organizational issues with a solution that provides a sense of structure and stability is very satisfying in itself.

    One such case involved a "Tech Tuesday" webinar, hosted by CCBJ last year. I learned that the vast majority of legal professionals are feeling the pressure for contract simplification. It was rewarding to provide said legal professionals with a clear avenue to more straightforward contract processes with high visibility and centralization. In a business environment with a lot of "noise" in the form of solutions that don't adequately address the issues of the times, it feels great to supply the tools that truly make a difference in process optimization.


    What are the main objectives you hope to achieve by the end of the webinars?

    Mike: I hope to have the attendees walk away with some insight into the benefits a CLM tool can offer, how user-friendly and seamless a CLM tool's implementation can be, the ROI of a CLM tool when it comes to streamlining day-to-day business, and more! These webinars are here to help various contracting professionals recognize the importance of proper CLM and to show how CobbleStone Contract Insight can help streamline the contracting process.


    Is there any specialized information we must know before the webinars?

    Mike: The webinars are designed for professionals who are new to the CLM space and are exploring which software options are best for their organizational needs, professionals who are looking to reevaluate their existing processes, and everything in between. Everyone is welcome to join the webinar and gain insights into how a proper CLM software solution can redesign and streamline their contracting processes.


    Will there be opportunities for questions and answers during the webinar? How will this work?

    Mike: Absolutely; attendees will have the option to type in questions through a dedicated chat for me to respond to throughout the webinar. There will also be dedicated time at the end for questions to be asked around topics covered in the webinar and general questions as well. I highly encourage attendees to ask questions throughout; the chances are such that if they are thinking about it, other attendees are as well. 


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    Where can the webinars be accessed?

    Mike: Webinars will be conducted using Microsoft Teams. You can sign up for events and stay up to date with the latest ones on our events page. Don't worry if you can't make it; the webinars will be available on-demand as recordings.


    Is there a process for attendees to schedule a follow-up or learn more about certain topics?

    Mike: At the end of the webinar, there will be a QR code for attendees to schedule a personalized demo of CobbleStone Contract Insight. Otherwise, attendees are welcome to email with any questions they may have post-webinar.


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    Now that you've learned more about Mike Gormley and the upcoming learning events that he and other CobbleStone resources are leading, do you want to learn more about CobbleStone Contract Insight? Book a free demo of our award-winning contract management, eSourcing, & procurement platform today!

    If you're a CobbleStone user, do you have any questions or would you like more information about new features and add-on modules? Contact your account representative today!

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    Legal Disclaimer: This article is not legal advice. The content of this article is for general information and educational purposes only. The information on this website may not present the most up-to-date legal information. Readers should contact their attorneys for legal advice regarding any particular legal matter.

    Published: 02/29/24
    Simran Bains

    Written by Simran Bains

    Simran Bains is Public Relations Coordinator at CobbleStone Software

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