Contract Management Software: A Paralegal’s Dream Come True

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    CLM Software for Paralegals

    Paralegals are key resources for lawyers, law offices, corporations, government agencies, and many other organizations.  As a paralegal, you may typically be tasked with storing the documents related to corporate matters, tracking key dates, reaching out to business owners for next steps, and more.  Managing those responsibilities is crucial to both your personal, and your organization’s, success.  Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software is a tool that can be used by paralegals to make your job easier, you more efficient, and you more effective.

    CLM Software Will Make Your Job Easier

    Contract Lifecycle Management Software has a wide range of capabilities that can make any employee’s day to day duties much more manageable.  CLM Software has the ability to store all documentation relating to a case, contract, or agreement in one easily accessible location.  This removes the difficulties of carefully storing documents in specific folders and/or on specific devices. 

    Contract Management Software also allows paralegals to document any important information relating to those cases, contracts, or agreements such as key dates, financial amounts, contact information, parties involved, or miscellaneous relevant details.  The potential to avoid previously monotonous procedures will make your job much easier.

    CLM Software Will Make You More Efficient

    The functionality provided by Contract Lifecycle Management Software will assist in streamlining your daily tasks so you can become even more efficient.  CLM Software has the ability to send out reminders and alerts related to the aforementioned key dates that were entered into the system.  This eliminates the need to manually track one giant calendar (or many tiny ones).  Contract Lifecycle Management also has the ability to establish pre-defined and automated contract workflows to remind yourself or others of tasks that need to be accomplished relating to cases, contracts, or agreements.  The capability to create automated time-saving processes will make you much more efficient.

    CLM Software Will Make You More Effective

    By leveraging the information captured in your Contract Management Software, you can become an incredibly effective asset to your organization.  CLM Software has robust searching capabilities so a paralegal can quickly reference any of the information that is already being tracked in the system.  This allows you to answer questions; not ask them.  Contract Lifecycle Management also allows users to generate reports relating to any cases, contracts, agreements, or counterparties.  The power to access and evaluate all of the available information will make you much more effective.

    Contract Lifecycle Management Software will make your job easier.  An easier job allows for a more efficient employee.  A more efficient employee means a more effective you.  Paralegals are invaluable members of an organization that make their colleagues’ workdays much easier.  Contract Lifecycle Management Software can return the favor; a paralegal’s dream come true.

    About CobbleStone Software and Contract Insight™

    CobbleStone has helped thousands of contract professions better manage their contracts and contract compliance for more than 20 years. Learn more about Contract Insight™ Contract Management Software by visiting us at and sign up for a free demo.  

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    Published: 01/11/16
    George Miller

    Written by George Miller

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