CobbleStone Employee Focus: Malachi Hall, Graphic Design Manager

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    Hear from Malachi Hall, Graphic Design Manager at CobbleStone Software, about his experience with growing his artistic vision in the CLM space.

    Meet Malachi H., a Graphic Design Manager at CobbleStone Software that has been a member of the CobbleStone® family since May 2019. Recently, we interviewed Malachi about his experience at CobbleStone where he kindly shared some insights into his role as well as advice he has for those considering a graphics career in SaaS/contract management software.

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    In your own words, tell us a little bit about your role as a Graphic Design Manager here at CobbleStone Software.

    Malachi: As the Graphic Design Manager at CobbleStone Software I work side-by-side with an amazing marketing team. Constant collaboration and brainstorming with this talented team allow me to always have a secure footing in the graphic direction we want each campaign to go in. Specifically, my role on the team involves creating and overseeing the design direction of all promotional materials. This includes print and digital ads, social graphics, and conference displays, among other various deliverables.

    What are the qualities you feel are important to be a successful CLM Software Graphic Design Manager?

    Malachi: The integral qualities of a Graphic Design Manager are the ability to be adaptable, creative, friendly, time-oriented, and efficient. Strong knowledge of the programs and printing processes used to create the graphics, such as the Adobe Creative Suite, color modes, compression techniques, etc. are of equal importance to the role. Lastly, the ability to collaboratively conceptualize ideas while working on a team. There will be times you will work with the video team or the web team, which will involve brainstorming and creating graphics together in a cohesive manner.

    What is your favorite part about being a Graphic Design Manager?

    Malachi: My favorite part about being a Graphic Design Manager is the trust I’ve gained from CobbleStone Software while carrying out our brand’s vision. This trust and partnership allow me to explore new design trends and constantly garner new and fresh designs using my artistic freedom to bring the company’s vision to life!


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    How do you stay up to date with graphic design trends and their relation to the contract management space?

    Malachi: I always keep my eyes open for interesting designs found in every day life and in the virtual space. Design is always changing, and inspiration can be found pretty much anywhere you look whether it’s at a grocery store or on a big tech company’s website. You must be able to use your taste to distinguish what will suit your company’s mission, as well as gather data to monitor performance and track the audiences your graphics are reaching.

    What are your goals for this role and how have you been working to achieve them?

    Malachi: Goals I have for my role here as a Graphic Design Manager at CobbleStone Software is keeping our branding recognizable and consistent, while maintaining a contemporary presence in the contract management market. Additionally, I strive to continue to help and support my team by keeping up with our various deadlines, paying attention to details with printing production, or helping to strategize and conceptualize our newest campaign.

    What advice would you give to someone just starting their career in graphic design for contract management software?

    Malachi: Understand the goals of your company and how you can represent them with your designs. You can get plenty of inspiration from other companies to see their approach and processes in this field which will help give you more context and insight. Make sure you stay up to date on trends and best practices while you continue learning any programs necessary to execute deliverables. Lastly, always be open to feedback and be willing to learn!


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    Published: 04/23/24
    Simran Bains

    Written by Simran Bains

    Simran Bains is Public Relations Coordinator at CobbleStone Software

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