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    How To Define & Manage a Manufacturing Contract

    By Sean Heck on 02/7/23

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    If your organization develops products, your team does not necessarily need to tackle the manufacturing process alone. In fact, most organizations enter into manufacturing contracts. These contracts make it so another company can handle the production process so that you can sell those finished products. A manufacturing contract sets the provisions of this agreement.

    But what else is involved in a manufacturing contract. How does one manage a manufacturing contract once parties agree to enter one?

    Let’s explore how to define and manage a manufacturing contract.

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    What Is Contract Administration?

    By Sean Heck on 02/2/23

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    Contract administration can bring forth a host of challenges. 

    There needs to be an established plan and follow-through within a set timeline. Teams must track contract financials. There must be a plan for overseeing the contract lifecycle. Teams must have a plan for encountering risk variables.

    Clearly, contract administrators have a lot on their plate. There is ample room for deleterious errors, contract risks, and bottlenecks – especially with manual contract methods.  Fortunately, contract management software can help.  Here's how.

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    3 Contractual Capacity Criteria to Enter a Valid Contract

    By Sean Heck on 02/1/23

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    Contracts are critical for a vast array of business processes. As such, legal teams and contract administrators must be prepared for contract lifecycle management. However, it is important to note that not everyone is positioned to engage in legally binding contracts for themselves or their organizations. As such, one of the crucial elements of a contract is the legal capacity of parties involved.

    In this post, we’ll provide 3 criteria that dictate an individual’s capacity to enter into a contract.

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    What is AI-Based Contract Management?

    By Sean Heck on 01/26/23

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) is already sharpening professional methods across a variety of industries.  However, advancements in AI can be particularly advantageous as they apply to contract management software systems. Contract intelligence engines built upon a foundation of machine learning just need to be fed a nutritious diet of relevant contract data.

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