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Blog Recap August 2018 Contract Management is evolving daily through digital transformation, industry demands, and regulatory updates.  Stay in-the-know with this month's Contract Management blog recap for August 2018.

Contract Analytics and Reporting Mastery: 3 Critical Reports

If mastering contract analytics and reports is something you're striving for within your contract management system, discover the 3 critical contract reports that can help improve your contract lifecycle. >>> Read More 

Contract Analytics and Reporting


4 Signs It's Time to Walk Away from Your Contract Management Software

Is your organization outgrowing its contract management software?  Did you choose the wrong system?  Are you not sure whether it's the right time to switch?  In this blog, we reveal the 4 signs that it's time to walk away from your current contract management system and upgrade to a new one. <<< Read More 

Better Contract Management Software


The # 1 Reason Contract Management Fails

The reality is that lack of visibility leads to more risk and decreased efficiency - often leaving revenue on the table.  Learn how to turn contract lifecycle management failure around. <<< Read More 

Contract Management Fail


Back from the Beach: Get Ready to Win More Deals in Q4

Vacation is over.  Now it's time to maintain focus to finish the year with goals reached and wins achieved.  An often over-looked way to close more sales is to focus on your sell-side contract management strategy, and we show you a scalable and repeatable path to success in this blog post. <<< Read More 



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Maisie Brooks

Written by Maisie Brooks

Maisie Brooks is a Marketing Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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