New Release! Contract Insight® 17.4.0 – Enhancements for Your Success

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    New Release Alert - Contract Insight 17.4.0

    CobbleStone’s latest release, Contract Insight® Enterprise Version 17.4.0, has arrived with many new features to enhance and improve your contract management system and procurement platform!  New features like CobbleStone’s enhanced user dashboard management, menu tools, field management options, bid scoring functionality, easy-to-understand vendor management features, streamlined purchasing with a new shopping cart experience and punchouts, Google Maps integration, and more will help you and your team become more organized and equipped with tools to excel.  Discover what’s new with Contract Insight and get started today with better usability and governance over your CLM system.

    Watch the Contract Insight Enterprise 17.4.0 Overview Video

    Self-Serve Vendor Registration

    Simplify and control registration on the Vendor Gateway.

    Manually keying in new vendor profiles can be a thing of the past with CobbleStone's latest update.  Vendor Gateway registration is available out-of-the-box with simple self-serve company profile creation for vendors, clients, partners, and counterparties.

    Contract Insight 17.4.0 Self-Serve Vendor Registration.

    Your admins can identify the key data fields vendors are required to complete to initiate approval and authorization.

    Simplified Company & Vendor Profile Management

    Enhance the creation, management, and authentication of company and vendor profiles with Contract Insight’s new, easy-to-use vendor management tools!

    Efficient Company/Vendor Profile Creation

    Adding a new Company Record/Vendor Profile has never been easier with the addition of integrated Google Maps searching.

    Entering the name of a company in the search field pulls a list of possible company/vendor matches and locations from Google Maps from which users can select.

    Adding  a company is easy with the Contract Insight 17.4.0 Google Maps integration.

    When a company is selected from the list mentioned above, key data fields are automatically populated.

    Contract Insight 17.4.0 automatically populates fields when adding a company.

    Once the record is saved, the newly entered company can also be viewed on Google Maps.

    Improved Vendor Profile Management

    The Vendor/Client Gateway registration and authentication process has been further upgraded to prevent duplicate vendor records based on unique identifiers like TAX ID, EIN, D&B number, and more. 

    Streamlined Vendor Authentication

    Additionally, system administrators now have two login options to choose from: the default “Standard Login” and the new and efficient “Simplified Login.”  The Standard Login requires a Username, Password, and VendorID.  The Simplified Login only requires a Username and a Password.  If this option is chosen, the VendorID requirement is replaced with a Captcha and an administrator-customized Terms & Conditions checkbox.  Furthermore, when a new user is created, the system will check to ensure that the new username is unique. 

    Contract Insight 17.4.0 simplified login with captcha.

    *Note: The aforementioned updated features only apply to the Simplified User Login. These features do not apply to the Standard User Login (default).  To enjoy the features detailed above, system administrators must choose the Simplified User Login option.  One vendor login option must be selected to be used as a standard for vendor logins.


    Easy Administrative Vendor Gateway Setup

    System Administrators: take control of your permissions and restrictions on the Vendor/Client Gateway.

    In this update, fields on the Vendor/Client Gateway can now be managed by Company Type.  Now you can collect different information from your vendors, clients, partners, and other organization types.  Record details fields can be configured to ensure they are required/optional, editable, and available to search. 

    Contact your CobbleStone Representative today for a demo of the Vendor/Client Collaboration Gateway module.


    Enhanced Bid Scoring Functionality

    Quickly determine the bidder your organization needs with intelligent, advanced, and user-friendly scoring tools!

    A configuration area has been added to Solicitations/Sourcing for Bid Rating Weight!  Authorized users can now define the weight (or importance) a respondent rating score holds for each of the pre-selected rating types (such as pricing, references, history, functionality, security, or other categories used to score bids).

    Once a user sets each rating type’s weight on the Bid Record for an RFx, the user simply needs to add respondent ratings for each bid and save the record.  The weighted scoring will then be calculated as specified for the Rating Type.

    Enhanced bid scoring with Contract Insight 17.4.0.

    Thus, users’ capabilities of determining the importance of ratings while scoring vendors will vastly improve, and the best bidder for a released RFP can be more accurately determined.

    Contact your CobbleStone Representative today for a demo of CobbleStone's eSourcing solutions.


    Enhanced Document Management

    File/Folder formatting and access have been standardized and streamlined. Reap the benefits of a unified software experience!

    Files/Attachments Updates

    CobbleStone's Files/Attachments area has been streamlined and standardized across the platform for Contracts, Requests, Sourcing, Vendors, Orders, and Employee management.

    Enhanced document management with attachment updates in Contract Insight 17.4.0.

    The user experience has been made more consistent and efficient with Contract Insight Enterprise 17.4.0!

    Additional Cloud Drive Access Options

    YOU decide how you would prefer to access Cloud Drives!

    In addition to using the “My” dropdown menu, users can also access the Cloud Drives from within the Employee Menu for easier cloud document access.


    Optimized Fields

    Cobblestone has taken field management to the next level with advanced and diversified field configuration options!

    System administrators are now able to manage and configure field accessibility for their users with improved field permissions features for greater control of user visibility and data capture.


    Integrated Punchouts with Leading Providers

    Supplier Purchasing Integration

    Streamline the purchasing process with integrated punchout functionality from leading suppliers such as:

    • top electronic component distributors.
    • high-profile industrial supply companies. 
    • global e-commerce organizations.
    • and many more to come!

    Conveniently select items from vendor website catalogs with a seamless CobbleStone user experience.  Purchase requests and fulfillment has never been easier.

    Contact your CobbleStone Representative today to learn more about punchout options in Contract Insight.


    Streamlined Order Management

    Shopping Cart Experience

    A new, optional Shopping Cart add-on has been added to both the Requests and Purchases areas in Version 17.4.0.

    If enabled, authorized users will be able to select items from a defined catalog and create either a Shopping Cart Request or a Shopping Cart Purchase Order (depending on the user’s permissions level).  Once the Shopping Cart is submitted, it can follow the appropriate Request or Purchases workflow process as defined by the System Administrator.

    Create a Catalog from a Contract

    Easily create your item catalogs with Contract Insight!

    Manual item catalog creation is a thing of the past thanks to CobbleStone's “Create Catalog” button on the Contract Record!  This feature takes pricing line items from a contract and easily transfers them into an item catalog.  What would otherwise require monotonous data entry is now as simple as the click of a button with Contract Insight!

    Contact your CobbleStone Representative today to learn more about the Purchase Order module.

    Supplier Items and Catalog Improvements

    See what you are ordering with item images!

    Authorized users (catalog managers) are now able to include an image URL for catalog items they support.

    Catalog images in Contract Insight 17.4.0.

    Images enable users browsing the catalog to see items they are planning to order, making for a much more user-friendly and visually engaging catalog navigation experience!

    Contact your CobbleStone Representative today to learn more about CobbleStone's Shopping Cart experience.


    Get Started with Contract Insight 17.4.0!Contract Insight Mobile App

    Please contact CobbleStone today for additional Contract Insight Enterprise Version 17.4.0 details.

    Contract management includes complex duties, and contract and procurement professionals should be equipped with the right tools to succeed.  Get started with Contract Insight 17.4.0  today to leverage the new features CobbleStone has released for successful procurement and contract management! 

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    Published: 11/8/19
    Sean Heck

    Written by Sean Heck

    Sean Heck is Content Marketing Manager at CobbleStone Software

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