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    CobbleStone Software's OFAC integration improves vendor management.

    Vendor, customer, and employee compliance management are essential for organizations to maintain adherence to compliance standards, mitigate risk, and uphold their reputation.  However, as contract volume grows, it can be difficult for organizations to track the records of vendors, customers, partners, and employees regularly.  To achieve and maintain compliance, it is paramount that organizations, regardless of industry, remain aware of violations committed by entities they are performing business with.  Such violations include failure to adhere to economic and trade sanctions under The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).  Contract management software with intelligent national sanction compliance checks and risk analysis snapshots can help organizations to avoid these issues by providing them with a comprehensive and centralized OFAC search process.

    The Importance of OFAC Search

    is a government financial intelligence and sanction enforcement agency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  It enforces economic sanctions and trade measures based on established national security goals and U.S. foreign policies against targeted individuals and organizations.

    OFAC has the authority to set substantial penalties against individuals and organizations that defy its mandates, including levying fines, suspending assets, and prohibiting parties from operating in the United States.  As such, organizations must ensure that they are taking adequate measures to avoid business association with flagged entities. OFAC provides a website to identify flagged entities and employees, but the process may require time-intensive, manual data entry and review.

    Save Time with OFAC Search Automation

    Organizations can make sure that they are equipped with an intelligent OFAC search process for regulatory compliance management and risk prevention with the help of an advanced contract management software solution.  CobbleStone offers OFAC integration with Contract Insight® Enterprise 17.6.0!

    Contract Insight system administrators can run scheduled, detailed OFAC searches and incorporate these searches with contract, request, vendor, customer, employee, and purchase order records for centralized vendor, company, and employee risk analysis.

    With Contract Insight’s intelligent data aggregation service, CobbleStone software administrators can

    • establish which available areas within their software system they want to be checked against the OFAC database.
    • define whether they want to include checks for Also Known As (AKA) records that search for potential aliases or other names for vendors and customers within OFAC’s lists.
    • determine what is flagged as a “match” between vendor/customer and employee data and OFAC data based on a chosen percentage (for example, a match is set as a similarity percentage of 70 percent or more).

    On top of an initial OFAC database check, Contract Insight also offers ongoing scheduled searches for chosen vendor, customer, and employee records.  As a result, organizations can stay aware of national compliance status with consistent compliance audits!

    Additionally, a link on system record pages presents Contract Insight users with a visually engaging graph that displays the percentage of matched data between Contract Insight and the OFAC database.  Clicking on this system link shows a more detailed view of matching details.

    OFAC Integration tools are presented in Contract Insight.

    Get Started with Better OFAC Search

    The best way to prevent OFAC compliance issues, increased risk, and a damaged organizational reputation is with the implementation of a centralized, comprehensive system for identifying and avoiding business association with OFAC-sanctioned entities.  CobbleStone Software has you covered with a highly configurable OFAC search process that offers scheduled OFAC compliance checks and detailed OFAC compliance reports.

    Leverage Contract Insight OFAC integration for improved visibility of customer, vendor, partner, and employee compliance data and risk analysis today!

    Please note that Contract Insight’s OFAC integration is an optional add-on module licensed by CobbleStone and is available with Contract Insight Enterprise 17.6.0.  Please contact your CobbleStone Account Representative for a demo and pricing.

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    Published: 05/22/20
    Sean Heck

    Written by Sean Heck

    Sean Heck is Content Marketing Manager at CobbleStone Software

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