Contract Summary Software: 5 Tips To Help Your Legal Team

    By Sean Heck on 05/18/23

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    Welcome – all of you wonderful contract dorks - to the thrilling new world of contract summary software! Most people would not put “thrilling” and “contract summary” next to one another, but that is simply because they are not legal experts who know just how fun contracts can be!

    We're about to explore the groundbreaking utility that will restructure the way you manage contracts in your organization. After all, who doesn't love saving time, reducing contract risk, and improving the efficiency of contract processes? Let’s provide you with some benefits of contract summary software and five tips to help your legal team succeed.

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    Digital Contract Management: A Fun Flight Into the Future of Legal Ops

    By Sean Heck on 05/17/23

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    In the grand galaxy of business operations, contracts serve as the gravity that supports the harmonious orbit of organizations, business partners, vendors, employees, and clients – spinning together in a vast cosmos of opportunity. However, managing contracts’ essential components in the pre-digital age of contract history was often a Herculean task - filled with countless man-hours, mountains of paperwork, and the potential for harmful human error.

    Enter the era of digital contract management – a revolutionary epoch that has transformed the previously-laborious contracting process into a streamlined, efficient, and even fun experience. Let’s take flight into the future of legal ops: digital contract management.

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    Navigating the Jungle of Contract Auditing with CLM Software

    By Sean Heck on 05/16/23

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    Hello, and welcome to the "Jungle of Business Contracts" - where we tame the wild beasts of contract portfolios, deals, counterparties, and internal processes with the shepherd’s crook of legal technology. Today, we are going to embark on an expedition into the dense thicket of contract auditing. By the time we're finished, you'll be navigating this jungle like a panther - agile and confident.

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    Supply Chain & eSourcing: Pricing vs. Technical Functional Proposal Responses

    By Mark Nastasi on 05/11/23

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    ATTENTION procurement, supply chain, and purchase managers:

    Your supply chain and sourcing processes play a critical role in ensuring your procurement teams have the proper goods and services necessary to operate and expand your business while fulfilling your client, operational, and contract commitments.

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