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    Contract Insight Version 17.2

    CobbleStone announces its newest release of our leading contract management software, Version 17.2. Building upon the success of Version 17, we have included new features throughout multiple modules in the system, along with improving overall capabilities and improving usability. Additionally, clients have the option to update select user accounts without compromising the settings of other user systems.

    Highlighted below are some of the major new features rolled out in this release:

    Module: Contract Management Software

    Workflow Manager – Workflow Visualizer

    This new feature provides a quick visual view of the components of a specific workflow which could include the conditions, tasks, and each task's action. Workflows can be complex, but with the Workflow Visualizer, users can quickly access a snapshot of the high priority items that exist within the workflow without slowing down.

    SMS/MMS Text Messaging Integration

    Always stay connected to what’s happening with your contracts. You may not always get the chance to access your email, but with SMS integration, clients can set up and receive the same alerts as they're used to. Set up is easy and begins with making an account with Twilio, a leader in SMS/MMS messaging services.

    Page Level Indexing & OCR Crawler

    We’ve expanded upon our existing OCR functionality to enable the system to crawl through all uploaded PDF files. Each text file page will get OCR’d making it that much easier to search text and store all information to the file. This means a decrease in the amount of time it takes for you to filter through the many documents in your system, and pull important information quicker. OCR'd documents no longer require a second step.

    Surveys & Questionnaires

    Collect the information you need from potential vendors through customizable surveys and questionnaires. This new feature enables a more fluent dialogue among users and respondents through limitless questions and a variety of response types.

    Module: E-Sourcing/Procurement Management Software

    E-Sourcing Change Notification

    Notifications can now reach more potential respondents as well as vendors or customers who match the specified product codes. Quickly assimilate information to multiple groups of people.

    Module: Purchase Order Management

    Inventory (Asset) Tracking & Management

    This comprehensive new feature allows for users to more efficiently manage and keep track of their purchase orders within the system. Parts of this feature include:
    • Partial fill of an individual line item
    • Complete fulfill of an individual line items
    • One-click fulfill of the entire order
    • Purchase order consolidation
    • Items list features
    • Asset tracking
    • Shrinkage tracking
    • Reason column
    • Requests item fulfillment
    • Line item selection method

    Module: Vendor/Client Collaboration Gateway

    PO Review & Requests

    Vendors can now easily upload any relevant documentation to their PO through the Vendor/Client Collaboration Gateway, decreasing the administrative time of tracking this down otherwise.

    Connector: Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication

    Single-Sign-On (SSO) Configuration & Setup Page

    Along with CobbleStone’s standard login page, you now have the option to securely and quickly access your CobbleStone dashboard through single sign-on.

    Connector: External E-Sign Integrations

    AdobeSign Integration

    Adding to our suite of partnership integrations, CobbleStone clients can now use their existing AdobeSign accounts within the platform. Additionally, this allows AdobeSign users to seamlessly integrate with a user-friendly contract management lifecycle software. You can read more about this release here:

    Existing CobbleStone clients are encouraged to contact their account representatives to schedule a demo. This will allow a full walk through of all new features and updates. If you’re new to CobbleStone and want to learn more, contact us to schedule your complimentary demo!

    Request a CobbleStone Software Demo!

    Published: 05/15/18
    Jamie Reedy

    Written by Jamie Reedy

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