8 Valuable Contract Management Conferences for 2019

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    Contract Management Conferences

    Looking to increase your knowledge of industry best practices and learn how to overcome contract management challenges? Or better yet, hoping to find the best contract management software for your organization?  These 8 contract management conferences will allow you and your colleagues to meet other professionals in your field, collaborate on overcoming process challenges and bottlenecks, and meet with contract management and procurement software thought-leaders to learn about the smart tools and technology that are rapidly changing the way organizations do business and manage contracts.

    1.   LegalTech New York 2019

    New York, NY – January 29-31, 2019

    You don’t want to miss the largest legal technology event of the year, right?  Industry leaders will share their experiences and thoughts on research and new products joining the industry.  Current and future product offerings will be showcased and discussed at LegalTech 2019, and it’s your ticket to smarter solutions and a simpler process.

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    2.   CLOC Vegas Institute 2019

    Las Vegas, NV – May 14-16, 2019

    The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium states that 90% of CLOC 2018 attendees surveyed plan to attend the event again this year.  Come together with CLOC members and other attendees for valuable takeaways,  lessons, and guidance to help improve your organization’s legal department and business.  CLOC Institute is considered the largest, most popular, and most respected gathering of legal operations professionals.

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    3.   BIO 2019

    Philadelphia, PA – May 31-June 6, 2019

    This event is specific to pharmaceutical and biotechnology leaders for a week of networking, shared ideas, discovery, and more.  BIO 2019 will allow you and your team to address life science and related areas such as biomanufacturing, genomics, cell therapy, clinical trial agreement management, and more.  Last year’s convention held 1,800+ exhibitors, 180+ education sessions, and 300+ company presentations.

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    4.   NCMA – World Congress 2019

    Boston, MA – July 28-31, 2019

    The National Contract Management Association (NCMA) is hosting World Congress 2019, the largest education event for contract management, procurement, and acquisition professionals with 2,000+ attendees.  This conference is perfect for federal, state, local, industry, and commercial businesses to connect and share advice at all career levels.

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    5.   2019 ABA San Francisco Annual Meeting

    San Francisco, CA – August 8-13, 2019

    The American Bar Association is providing legal professionals with a chance to network and share experiences while attending workshops and learning from thought leaders in the field of law.  This conference is a must for contract law professionals.

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    6.   ACC Annual Meeting

    Phoenix, AZ – October 27-30, 2019

    Networking opportunities and advanced informational seminars are just some of the benefits you’ll receive from attending the Association of Corporate Counsel’s (ACC) annual meeting.  Take your team to the next level by learning from leading in-house lawyers and other legal professionals as they discuss hot topics and challenges associated with legal and regulatory standards.

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    7.   2019 IACCM Americas Conference

    Phoenix, AZ – November 4-6, 2019

    Don’t miss this year’s agenda, focusing on contract economics, ethics, and innovation.  The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management always takes attendees above and beyond with thought-provoking seminars, networking events with legal, procurement, and contract management vendors, top-notch gatherings, and more.

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    8.   NCMA - GCMS 2019

    Arlington, VA – December 9-10, 2019

    The 2019 Government Contract Management Symposium (GCMS) is hosted by The National Contract Management Association (NCMA), providing government and industry contracting professionals with training to enhance their organization’s processes.  Take advantage of breakout sessions and networking opportunities with approximately 1,000 other attendees hoping to share industry insights and ideas with you.

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    Conferences are a great way to ensure your organization is up-to-date with industry standards and to gain insights on technology that’s available to help you with day-to-day functions like contract workflows, signatures, and data analysis.  Many individuals use conferences to keep in touch with others in their field and find it’s a great way to help align thoughts by stepping out of the usual routine and think critically about how to improve contract management and procurement processes.

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    Published: 01/9/19
    Rosemary Shields

    Written by Rosemary Shields

    Rosemary Shields is a Marketing Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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