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    How Mass eSignatures Boost Healthcare Compliance & Efficiency

    By Jessica Troppello on 06/13/22

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    Within the healthcare industry, keeping documents and files up-to-date is crucial to maintaining compliance.  Healthcare agencies, such as the FDA, NHS, and Health Canada, are continually monitoring hospitals, physician's offices, and other healthcare facilities to ensure healthcare professionals, administrators, and providers are keeping up with legal requirements.  The maintenance of healthcare compliance and healthcare CLM efficiency requires significant time and resources invested in signing processes.  With so many documents and versions to sign, there is room for error - and healthcare compliance can be jeopardized.  Luckily, healthcare contract management software can provide mass eSignatures for maximized healthcare compliance and efficiency.  Here's how.

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    4 Signs It's Time to Walk Away from Your Contract Management Software

    By Jessica Troppello on 08/13/18

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    Did We Choose the Wrong Contract Management Software Provider?

    Your organization invested in contract management software to effectively manage the contract lifecycle with less overwhelm, more automation, more visibility, and more predictability.  But what if the lackluster results you’re experiencing aren't worth the time and money you put into the implementation?

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