Dashboard Launch Pads Improve Contract Insight's® User Experience

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    CobbleStone Software Dashboard Launch Pads

    Upon the release of Contract Insight Version 17.3.1, the contract management software is now available with Dashboard Launch Pads that take apps and taskbars to the next level with a better user experience within CobbleStone’s Contract Insight® Enterprise SoftwareContract Insight is a robust system with configurable functionality to help users navigate through the system fast and easily.  System Dashboards are full of functionality and are designed to provide a better user experience.  Learn how CobbleStone’s Dashboard Launch Pads can help users navigate through Contract Insight easily while gaining insights into key contract data right from their system Dashboard.

    How to Use Your Launch Pads

    CobbleStone's Dashboard Launch Pads can be used in many different ways:

      • Pin action buttons: Users can pin frequently visited areas of the system on each Launch Pad, creating searching shortcuts on their Dashboard. This helps eliminate searching the system for areas you frequently visit or want to easily navigate to.
      • Display business intelligence: Users can display summarized numerical data such as “Contracts up for Renewal”, “High Risk Contracts”, or “Average Request Amount”. This can help system users identify when action needs to be taken on certain contracts and keep them informed of data that is stored in their system.
      • Link inside and outside the system: Depending on the user, you may want to link to an industry-specific website or to the “View All Contracts” page within your system. When working with vendors, there may be a portal you want to link to or a company website with guidelines you need easy access to.

    Customizing CobbleStone's Launch Pads

    The Launch Pads shown below are formatted with the top row containing links to internal and external sites and resources.  The bottom row displays key contract data based on contracts stored within the system.  As a user, you can choose how you want to customize your tiles, just like you may do with apps on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

    CobbleStone's Contract Insight Dashboard Launchpads

    System users can customize the colors of their Launchpads to reflect their branding or personal preferences.  For example, a red tile may represent high risk contracts and blue tiles may represent contracts in good standing.  It’s completely up to the user how they want to display their Launch Pads.

    Icons can be added to system shortcuts and external links (shown in the first row of Launch Pads above).  You can choose to use your own icons or use icons in the image library.

    Get Started With Contract Insight Launch Pads

    CobbleStone’s Dashboard Launch Pads can provide users with better transparency over their contracts and vendor agreements while also creating a better user experience when navigating through the contract management software

    Discover other Contract Insight guides and how-to articles in our Contract Insight Tutorial Blog Series.

    To get started with Contract Insight’s Launch Pads, contact a CobbleStone Software representative today by emailing us at Sales@CobbleStoneSoftware.com

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    Published: 08/21/19
    Rosemary Shields

    Written by Rosemary Shields

    Rosemary Shields is a Marketing Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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