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    CobbleStone Systems Contract Management Software Government Contract Management Solutions
    This post was originally published 9/15/17. Updated 6/5/18.

    Government contract management involves forming strategic business alliances with trusted governmental agencies and other private-sector contractors who can provide goods and other services to them. Government agencies regularly track, review, and approve a multitude of different contracts each fiscal year. Many of these agreements are quite complex in nature, and often require a rigorous set of policies to guarantee their obligations and deadlines are being met. Establishing and sustaining formal business relationships with vendors, suppliers, and other providers can become problematic for many agencies without the proper contract management tools.

    Federal agencies are consistently aiming to increase their operational efficiency and communication, while guaranteeing their compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. These agencies are continuously faced with new governmental regulations and are required by law to adhere to their strict guidelines. Therefore, it is crucial that risks are quickly assessed and controlled to ensure compliance is achieved. These challenges can be reduced or eliminated with the proper contract management software solution.

    CobbleStone Software's Contract Insight™ for Government Contract Management

    CobbleStone Software is an industry-leader in contract management software, providing government users with a more efficient technique to manage agreements, crucial deadlines, and specific project information. This end-to-end solution makes managing complex contracts within the government marketplace a breeze for any federal, local, or state agency. CobbleStone’s Contract Software provides a highly-secured, single repository that permits government agencies a more effective method to store, organize, and maintain a collective library of all their important records.

    The automation and streamlining functionality of CobbleStone’s software provides better visibility to all contractual data, offering a more efficient method of retrieving and reviewing documents to monitor requisitions, approvals, compliance, budgets, upcoming deadlines, vendor performances, and much more. Any sector of the government will be able to transform their contract managing efforts with CobbleStone’s highly configurable notification tools. Create, store, route task alerts and workflow processes that will notify staff of mandatory tasks they must perform to ensure contract reviews and renewals are completed on time.

    An All-in-One, Web-Based Government Contract Management Software for:

    • Improving Vendor Management
    • Monitoring Vendor Performance Compliance
    • Minimizing Contract Cycle Times
    • Monitoring Related Legal Regulations
    • Auditing System and Contractual Activity with Audit Log Reports
    • Identifying Contract Review and Approval Bottlenecks
    • Quickly Signing & Approving Documents with CobbleStone’s Built-In E-Signature Module or Integrating Existing DocuSign or Adobe Application
    • Ensuring Role-based Security with Configurable User Security Settings
    • Creating Vendor Performance Scorecards & Ratings
    • Optimizing Workflow and Task Performance with Customized E-mail, Calendar, and Task Alerts
    • Collecting Vendor Specifications and Bidding Data Online with Integration of CobbleStone’s Vendor Portal
    • Monitoring User Tasks Lists with User Dashboards and Alerts
    • Managing Contracts According to FAR or other Regulation requirements
    • Centralizing Vendor Insurance and Contact Details within a Searchable Repository
    • Managing Full Contract Lifecycle
    • Analyzing Clause and Terms Changes
    • Managing Solicitations with Integration of CobbleStone’s eSourcing & eProcurement Module for Fully Integrated Experience
    • Adhering to Federal Acquisition Requirements (FAR) with Integration of CobbleStone’s Add-On FAR & DFAR Clause Library Module
    • Configuring Organization-Specific Data Fields and User Settings
    • Monitoring DMBE & DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) with Field Tracker and Reporting Tools
    • Taking Advantage of CobbleStone’s 20+ Years of Government Contract Management Experience

    Additional Benefits Available for CobbleStone's Contract Insight™ for Government Contract Management

    Customized Public-Access Portal

    Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), all sectors of government are required to follow strict guidelines when dealing with the visibility of public contracts, documents, and other records. Therefore, many agencies seek to find affordable contract management solutions that offer more transparency. CobbleStone Software provides a customizable public-facing portal that provides government organizations an effective approach of displaying selected contractual data and documents to the general public. Contract Insight’s portal ensures organizations will stay in compliance with FOIA regulations by providing the public with self-service access to select governmental contract data.

    FAR & DFAR Clause Library Module

    US Federal Agencies and Contractors can now easily access their clause libraries and forms with CobbleStone’s FAR and DFAR add-on module packages. The FAR Clause Library is periodically extracted from the General Services Administration (GSA) Clause Matrix schedule and provides an updated set of provisions and contract clauses to ensure federal regulation compliance based on package selected.  This module has the added option to provide a Managed Service Update to users who have previously purchased CobbleStone’s optional Accelerator and Managed Service Package. The FAR and DFAR add-on module is available for integration with Contract Insight Enterprise Edition.

    e-Procurement & e-Sourcing Module

    Agencies can further improve compliance, lower prices, and improve overall purchasing efficiency with CobbleStone’s e-Procurement add-on module. Create, manage, and monitor bids, solicitations, RFXs, and much more with ease. City, County, Agency, State and Federal organizations work with a substantial number of vendors, making it difficult to monitor each of their compliance requirements. CobbleStone’s e-Procurement Module allows agencies to review requisitions, develop requirements documents, advertise bids, respond to vendor questions, track key dates, rate & score responses, and award preferred vendors.

    To improve purchasing habits, agencies can manage their expenditures by tracking their spending against specific contracts or vendors. To enhance sourcing and strengthen vendor collaboration, CobbleStone offers a Vendor Client Collaboration Gateway as an additional add-on for advanced online interaction.

    Government agencies are always in search of the best contract management solutions that will offer them the lowest costs, while still satisfying the requirements of their institution. Whether city, state, county or a department within local, state or federal government, CobbleStone Software has a contract management solution that will eliminate the common complications faced when handling contracts and will undeniably satisfy the developing needs of any governmental user!

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    Published: 09/15/17
    Devon Chandler

    Written by Devon Chandler

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