How and why did Contract Management Software Arise?

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    How Contract Management Software BeganWritten by Chris Bejsiuk, Marketing/Sales at CobbleStone Software.

    Do you remember the days when there wasn’t sufficient technology to make our jobs easier?

    Everything on paper.  Office floors filled entirely of documents because people ran out of space - that is something I have actually seen with my own eyes.  Messy offices tend to lead to misplaced documents, which could lead to dire consequences like, say, lawsuits.

    So when did a solution for all of this arise?

    In 1995, CobbleStone Software was created, and came up with the answers.

    CobbleStone Software: Making Work Easier

    CobbleStone Software was created out of the awareness of problems that surrounding companies faced.  The founders came to the realization that everything could be stored on computers.  Not only was it simpler to manage, but it was also a green-initiative by eliminating the need for paper.

    Our cloud-based feature, which was implemented early on, only strengthens the need for contract software management.  Sure, you can still print out the necessary papers if needed.  The fact that your master copy is stored in a cloud-based contract system means you can access your contracts on any device.  With your login information, you can pull up contracts on smart phones or tablets outside of the office.

    Managing Your Security

    You decide who has access to the information.

    Another reason Contract Management software was developed was for security reasons.  There are countless stories about how employees have lost their hard copies of vital contracts.

    It could be carelessness, disorganization, or that another individual snatched it up.

    The security implemented in this program grants users existential capabilities.  If you are an admin user, then you are able to control who can access, or even see, the contracts.  Companies don’t need to worry about information leaking to outsiders.

    With a secure gateway, only the companies’ approved employees involved are the ones who are allowed to take action on the contracts.

    Remembering Your Work

    Reminders are another reason contract management software was developed.  Set reminders to help key contract professionals never again forget dates, and avoid any compliance violations.  You can have them emailed to you and/or placed on your calendar within the program.  Users have the ability to receive notifications days, weeks, or months before the expiration date, and until action is taken.

    Digging further into the reminders, you can create certain tasks that need to be completed by a certain day.  Reminders will be sent out to whoever is listed to complete the task with optional delegations so employee vacations do not bottleneck your contract approvals.

    If that task is not completed by the end date, you have the option to escalate that task to another employee to finish.

    For all the doubters out there, using this program isn’t rocket science.  As long as you have a functioning, Internet-connected device, you’re squared away. Our support staff is more than happy to help setup the software as well as walk you through every step for a successful go-live and easier contract management.

    Our software has helped out hundreds of companies so far.

    Yours should be next.

    About CobbleStone Software and Contract Insight™
    CobbleStone has helped thousands of contract professions better manage their contracts, risk, and compliance since 1995. Learn more about Contract Insight™ Contract Management Software by visiting us at and sign up for a free demo.

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    Published: 11/10/16
    CobbleStone Systems

    Written by CobbleStone Systems

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