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    How and why did Contract Management Software Arise?

    By CobbleStone Systems on 11/10/16

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    Written by Chris Bejsiuk, Marketing/Sales at CobbleStone Software.

    Do you remember the days when there wasn’t sufficient technology to make our jobs easier?

    Everything on paper.  Office floors filled entirely of documents because people ran out of space - that is something I have actually seen with my own eyes.  Messy offices tend to lead to misplaced documents, which could lead to dire consequences like, say, lawsuits.

    So when did a solution for all of this arise?

    In 1995, CobbleStone Software was created, and came up with the answers.

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    Benefits of Cloud-Based Contract Management

    By CobbleStone Systems on 10/27/16

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    Cloud-Based Contract Management benefits your company the most when talking about contracts.

    Why?  It is the simplest and most secure way to share data and information with one another.

    This is the age of technology, and there is no choice but to go along with it. What’s the saying, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”?

    Contract Insight™ offers the simplicity every company needs.

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    Lost Contracts? Not Anymore!

    By CobbleStone Systems on 10/13/16

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    Demolishing filing cabinets, ripping out drawers, rummaging through mountains of papers, and scanning your calendars for expiration dates - I’m sure you’ve managed to lose important documents because there was no organization. It has probably caused you a great deal of stress.

    Imagine all of your contracts being stored in a singular place – with no problems.

    With Contract Insight™ Contract Management Software, this is what you are given.

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    Contract Compliance Monitoring with Contract Insight Contract Management Software: Leveraging Preventative and Detective Contract Controls

    By CobbleStone Systems on 10/19/15

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    Oftentimes, large companies in highly-regulated industries such as healthcare organizations and public (government) agencies have strict guidelines that they are obligated to follow in order to monitor their contracts for compliance. Some of these include:

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