Processing Legal Billing Online With Contract Insight®

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    Contract Insight Legal Billing Software

    Organizations and their vendors often deal with a great number of invoices, POs, and other physical documents, resulting in numerous paper documents for just one service.  Processing and managing these service agreements and associated files manually can be challenging and often results in duplicate billing, unclear payment deliveries, and more.  With automated legal billing software, organizations and their vendors can eliminate these process challenges by providing both parties with a clear understanding of payment status, invoices received, and more.

    Take Your Legal Billing Process Online

    Legal billing software can create transparency for legal services management, regulatory compliance, and legal billing matters.  It provides automated workflows and alerts that notify the appropriate individuals of new documents for review or if they need to take action on a particular task.  CobbleStone’s Contract Insight® software can process legal billing through CobbleStone’s Vendor-Client Gateway, an online vendor portal that can streamline and simplify the legal billing process.  Suppliers, consultants, legal firms, outside counsel, and other vendors can receive purchase orders through Contract Insight's Vendor-Client Gateway electronically rather than receiving physical paper documents.  By doing so, you can significantly reduce the time, carbon foot print, and cluttered desk space created by the POs, invoices, bills, and other paper documents that waste your office space.  Keep in mind, Contract Insight is not an accounting system, but is designed to support accountants by reducing process bottlenecks and improving transparency for legal billing with the Vendor-Client Gateway.

    Discover what CobbleStone’s Contract Insight legal billing software can do for you and your vendors.

    With Contract Insight, vendors can:

    • review POs and upload easy-to-deliver invoices, alerting the appropriate individuals that a new invoice has been received.
    • approve legal billing invoices, creating an audit trail that ensures duplicates are never an issue.

    With Contract Insight, system users can:

    • choose what vendors see regarding billing status.
    • reduce or eliminate duplicate billing confusion.
    • provide legal matter transparency.
    • easily track payments.
    • control individual’s budgets.
    • provide vendors with access to see invoices and PO details and payment status.
    • provide vendors with access to see outstanding payment amounts.
    • show proof of payment delivered.

    Learn more about CobbleStone's Free Educational Seminar

    Discover how internal users and external parties can use the Vendor-Client Gateway to create, review, and process a PO for online billing processes in Contract Insight.

    Processing Online Legal Billing With Contract Insight

    Transforming the Online Legal Billing Process With Contract Insight

    Contract Insight provides system users with more than transparency and alerts.  System users find faster, better legal document management results by taking their billing process online.  In addition to online legal billing, Contract Insight supports general counsel, paralegals, and other legal professionals with an end-to-end contract lifecycle management system. 

    To learn about Contract Insight’s many features, and to see the online legal billing process in action, schedule a free online demonstration with a Contract Insight expert today.

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    Published: 06/26/19
    Rosemary Shields

    Written by Rosemary Shields

    Rosemary Shields is a Marketing Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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