Sweet Contract Management Success for a Hospitality Leader

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    Chocolatier Contract Management Success

    A world-class, entertainment and hospitality company, managing many resorts and entertainment venues, uses CobbleStone’s Contract Insight® Enterprise Software to simplify and streamline their contract management and vendor management processes. 

    Contract Insight is being used organization-wide, throughout every location, for better process transparency, simplified contract drafting, streamlined eSignatures, and more.  Discover how this hospitality leader transformed their contract management process by utilizing tools like automated workflows and an easily searchable contract repository, as told by CobbleStone Senior Account Manager, Brittany DiCamillo.

    The Challenge: A Decentralized Process and a Need for Transparency

    What kinds of challenges was the company facing when they decided to invest in contract management software?

    Brittany: A major challenge for them was that contract management processes were decentralized.  Various departments were purchasing products and services from vendors and they needed a better way to easily route and renew contracts within their cross-functional teams.  Searching for contracts and related documents was difficult without an easily searchable repository and they were looking for a better way to generate contracts on their own paper and keep them consistent. 

    They needed a system to automate the contract lifecycle across multiple departments.  They weren’t using any kind of contract management software and were relying on email communication and manual processes with spreadsheets and shared drives. 

    The Solution: Automated Workflows and a Centralized Repository

    How has the company transformed its process since implementing Contract Insight?

    Brittany: Since 2018, the company has been using Contract Insight Enterprise to automate and streamline processes.  The organization uses automated contract workflows, vendor tracking, email notifications, document version control, dynamic contract templates, CobbleStone’s eSignature integration, system searching and reporting, contract renewal tracking, and more.  They find contract templates to be especially useful to their contract management process, and their vendor management and contract management can now be completely managed through Contract Insight Enterprise. 

    Brittany DiCamillo Senior Account Manager

    About Brittany DiCamillo, Senior Account Manager at CobbleStone

    Brittany DiCamillo is a Senior Account Manager at CobbleStone Software and has seen hundreds of clients succeed with Contract Insight since joining the organization in 2010.  Brittany has experience managing client accounts and training clients and team members on the functionality of Contract Insight.  She works with current users, as well as prospective clients, to showcase the benefits of an advanced contract management solution.  Brittany finds Contract Insight’s automated contract workflows to be especially useful to the clients she works with since most organizations are looking for a way to streamline and automate their contract workflow routing processes.  She enjoys working with clients to help them take full advantage of everything Contract Insight has to offer.

    Contract Insight for the Hospitality Industry

    CobbleStone’s Contract Insight contract management software can help hotels, restaurants, airlines, and others in the hospitality industry eliminate process bottlenecks, improve contract transparency, mitigate contractual risk, and simplify cross-departmental contract management.  Resorts and other hospitality organizations can use Contract Insight for better transparency and accountability of contract management and procurement processes.

    Get started with a better process and transparency with leading contract management software.  Contact CobbleStone today to learn more and schedule a free online demonstration. 

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    Published: 09/25/19
    Rosemary Shields

    Written by Rosemary Shields

    Rosemary Shields is a Marketing Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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