6 Advantages of On-Premise Contract Management Software Deployment

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    CLM Software On-Premise Hosting Benefits

    While there's a lot of buzz around the advantages of cloud-based technology for CLM software, organizations should understand the benefits of choosing the primary method of hosting software, on-premise, in order to assess the advantages and come to a conclusion.  Both SaaS (Software as a Service) and on-premise deployment options are convenient in their own way, depending on what your organization is looking for.  In this post, I've uncovered the six biggest benefits of on-premise hosting for contract management software.

    1.    You Can Manage Everything In-House

    When software is hosted on-premise, your organization hosts the software on your organization's data center.  You don’t have to worry about scheduling time to call or email the provider as your IT team maintains control over the application and can have complete access to make adjustments or changes to your system.

    2.    You Have Control of Security and Backups

    When you deploy software in-house, you are in control of security, and some organizations feel more confident keeping their highly sensitive data on their own servers behind the corporate firewall.  CobbleStone Software takes security seriously.  We are audited by third parties and have achieved SOC compliance, so there should be no concern over CobbleStone hosting your software in our data center.

    3.    You Can Ensure Organizational Compliance

    When an application is hosted in-house, your organization can be sure it meets compliance standards.  For highly regulated industries, it is sometimes preferred, or mandatory, for software to be deployed on-premise due to highly sensitive data.  Check with your organization to ensure you are following guidelines for software before you select one, as not all software solutions offer both SaaS and on-premise deployment.

    *CobbleStone Software offers their award-winning software, Contract Insight® Enterprise, as both a SaaS and on-premise contract management solution.

    4.    Choose If, and When, You Want to Update Your System

    When a new software release becomes available, you are able to choose when your on-premise system gets updated.  This means you can avoid updating the system at an inconvenient time for you and your team. 

    5.    You Have Support, No Matter What

    Leading software providers, like CobbleStone Software, offer CLM software support whether you choose SaaS or on-premise with support.  Although you have full control of your software in-house, CobbleStone is still available to assist with any questions or optimizations your organization may request.

    6.    Avoid Annual Hosting Charges

    On-premise software deployments typically include a perpetual license, which means you can pay once and use without having to pay for recurring cloud charges.  When evaluating software hosting, you should look at the long-term value offered, and costs, over an extended period of time.  If your organization has available IT resources and infrastructure to install contract management software, an on-site deployment may be the most cost-effective approach for long-term success.

    Carefully consider both SaaS and on-premise deployment options when selecting your next CLM software solution.  For details on the benefits of a SaaS solution, check out our blog post, “Should You Choose SaaS Deployment for Your CLM Software?”  This way, you will have a balanced understanding of both deployment options and can discuss among your team what’s right for you.

    Contact CobbleStone today with any questions you may have regarding CLM software deployment methods and for suggestions on the best hosting method for your organization.

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    Published: 07/29/19
    Rosemary Shields

    Written by Rosemary Shields

    Rosemary Shields is a Marketing Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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