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    Bradford Jones
    Bradford Jones is Vice President of Sales & Marketing at CobbleStone Software.

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    Contract Management Software for Higher Education

    By Bradford Jones on 02/13/23

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    Colleges, universities, and other education institutions draft, negotiate, and approve a myriad of contracts with vendors, partners, suppliers, and employees every year. Actively managing contracting processes and maintaining formal relationships can be difficult and time-consuming. This holds especially true for the many universities that don’t have a system in place for the contract management process.

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    4 Important Contract Management Performance Metrics

    By Bradford Jones on 04/4/22

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    When managing contracts, performance monitoring is one of the most important ways to measure success.  With a large variety of contracts, all with different terms, it can be difficult to know how you should assess contract management performance.  Luckily, you can boil down the success of each contract, no matter the complexity, to four key contract management performance metrics. Read on to discover how contract management software can help you optimize four key contract management performance metrics.

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    6 Ways to Maximize Procurement Productivity With a Contract Database

    By Bradford Jones on 07/31/18

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    Although an essential facet of running a business, managing contracts without a contract database can be a time-consuming headache. With so many different contracts with vendors and service companies, it can be challenging to keep track of them all without reliable contract software. The right solution can help you reduce the amount of time you spend searching through spreadsheets or shared drives so that you can work on growing your business. Here are just a few of the ways that a formal contract database can help your team maximize productivity:

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    Reduce Contractual Risk Through Contract Management

    By Bradford Jones on 01/4/18

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    Legal contracts are the foundation for companies of every size in every industry, with your business being no exception. Contracts are the written handshake that solidifies your relationship and outlines the promises that both parties have made to each other. Once that contract is in place it’s important to your business and its bottom line that you continue to monitor your contracts to ensure the parties involved are living up to their best practices and standards.

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