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    Bradford Jones is Director of Sales & Marketing at CobbleStone Software.

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    How Does Contract Management Software Help Organizations Save Money and Improve Efficiency?

    By Bradford Jones on 02/8/17

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    No matter the industry your organization is in, contracts are a major component of daily operations. Contracts are created for business partnerships, labor, vendor transactions, customers, and more.  Restaurant owners hire vendors for various produce and animal products. Human resources personnel create contracts when they hire employees and when there are changes to the employee handbook. Educators create contracts when enlisting the services or products of vendors.

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    Maintain Security and Experience Other Benefits When You use Contract Management Software

    By Bradford Jones on 01/23/17

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    Contracts are a part of doing business. Whether we're referring to a contract with a supplier, an employee, or a business partner, every single contract must be created, recorded, and stored. Before automated contract management software became a viable option, businesses, education institutions, and other organizations had to rely on filing cabinets and other means to store these contracts.

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    What Core Features Should You Look for in a Contract Management Software System?

    By Bradford Jones on 12/8/16

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    Contract management software is a must for many different industries. Before the development of contract management software systems, everything was done manually. This obviously had its drawbacks. Contract managers would be forced to store every contract into filing cabinets. Now, if there were just a few contracts this may have not been a major deal. However, most organizations deal with thousands of various contracts, making manual record keeping extremely difficult.

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    Contract Insight™ Contract Management Software

    By Bradford Jones on 05/8/14

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    About CobbleStone Software

    CobbleStone Software is a leading provider of advanced contract lifecycle management software and complimentary solutions to customers spanning the globe. Contract management software solutions are our specialty.  We launched the first commercial off-the-shelf contract software in 1995 and have kept improving our leading solutions.  

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