Manage Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) With CLM Software

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    CobbleStone Software explores how to manage collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) with CLM software.

    Today's digital transformation is seeping into all business sectors, including organizations engaging in collective bargaining. One way this change manifests is through contract management software - an innovative tool that helps organizations working with unions manage their collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) more effectively. In this post, we'll delve deeper into how CLM (contract lifecycle management) software can help track and manage crucial contracts and metrics - providing a comprehensive perspective of CLM operations.

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    What Is a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)?

    A collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a contract between a collective labor union and, typically, an employer or the employer's representative. CBAs are meant to outline terms and conditions of employment – such as working conditions, hours, wages, benefits, and more. They also detail the rights and responsibilities of both parties clearly – including steps to take toward dispute resolution.

    Once a CBA is reached, it is legally binding for the union, the workers the union represents, and the employer. The specifics of a CBA can vary greatly – which is why a robust contract management solution is optimal.


    Employers & Union Types & Representatives

    The beauty of contract software lies in its versatility. It allows employers (whether individual companies, groups of companies, or an employer association) working with unions to segment their operations based on types - whether they are the counterparty to workers in the public sector, private industry, or a mix of both. They can also manage contracts according to the individual union organization.

    Employers working with unions can record contract metadata and glean analytics data specific to each type - helping tailor their approach to each sector's unique needs. Moreover, CLM software allows for tracking of individual union representatives - enabling easy assignment and tracking of tasks associated with CBAs.


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    Divisions & Local Numbers

    Contract management software allows employers or representatives of employers working with unions to track their operations across various divisions and local numbers. This feature is especially beneficial for employers working with unions with a broad geographic footprint. With a contract lifecycle management system, union employers can assign and track CBAs, negotiations, and tasks specific to each division or local number - making the management of large-scale operations smoother.


    Employee Counts & Geographic Areas

    The employer(s) of unions can utilize CLM software to manage data on the number of employees their union counterparty represents, segmented by geographic areas. This information can be critical in negotiations for CBAs - providing the numbers to strengthen the case for a CBA being implemented. Additionally, with geographic tracking, union employers can identify regional trends or issues that may affect their strategies.


    Number of Stores & Clerks

    Employers working with union retail workers need to make sure they are aware of the number of stores and clerks. Contract management software allows for easy input, management, and analysis of this data. This can help in strategizing for CBA negotiations, identifying stores with specific issues, or recognizing high-performing stores and clerks.


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    Healthcare & Pension Funds

    With contract management software, employers or employer representatives working with unions can efficiently track details related to healthcare and pension funds. This data can inform negotiations around benefits and compensation in CBAs - ensuring that these critical aspects of worker welfare are effectively managed and safeguarded to avoid litigation troubles. Union employers can also track and report on financial trends for a holistic view of worker compensation to ensure that their union counterparties are satisfied.


    CBA Coverage

    Contract lifecycle management software can assist in tracking the coverage of each CBA - including the number of workers covered, the duration of the agreement, and the specific terms. This information can provide a quick overview of each CBA - facilitating its ongoing management and informing future negotiations. Additionally, advanced executive graphical dashboards can provide critical insights into contract trends and performance at a visually engaging glance.


    Wage Data

    Contract management software offers a robust solution for managing wage data. Employers of union workers can record, update, and analyze wage data for their employees - segmented by factors like job role, geographic area, employer, division, and more. This holistic data is invaluable in CBA negotiations - helping employers ensure that they offer fair and consistent wages to their union counterparties and their representatives.


    Key Takeaway

    In a world that's increasingly data-driven, the ability of employers to track, manage, and analyze critical assets for their employees can significantly enhance an organization's operations with holistic oversight. Contract management software provides an efficient, effective, and user-friendly tool for managing the complexities of contract documents, clauses, metadata, financials, and other aspects of contracts negotiated with labor unions.

    By leveraging CLM software, organizations employing unions can be empowered to negotiate and manage CBAs more effectively. In the process, they can better serve union members while protecting their own interests. As such, unions can enjoy better wages, benefits, and working conditions while employers can protect their bottom line.

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    *Legal Disclaimer: This article is not legal advice.  The content of this article is for general informational and educational purposes only.  The information on this website may not present the most up-to-date legal information.  Readers should contact their attorney for legal advice regarding any particular legal matter.

    Published: 06/20/23
    Sean Heck

    Written by Sean Heck

    Sean Heck is Content Marketing Manager at CobbleStone Software

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