CobbleStone’s 2020 User Conference Goes Virtual

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    CobbleStone Software's 2020 user conference is going virtual.

    Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, and in consideration of the health of CobbleStone clients, partners, and employees, CobbleStone’s user conference will transition to a virtual, fully-digital two-day event.

    CobbleStone’s user conference was initially scheduled to occur in Austin, Texas, from October 7th-9th, but will now tentatively take place in early 2021.  CobbleStone’s user conference is traditionally an in-person, three-day conference that gathers contract management, legal, and procurement professionals from a vast array of industries.  The virtual event will provide an exciting and interactive experience.  This year’s virtual user conference will include breakout sessions, keynote speakers, CobbleStone exclusive product updates, and more.  It is an invaluable opportunity to educate and inspire current  Contract Insight® users and those interested in learning more about our software. 

    What To Expect at CobbleStone’s Virtual Conference

    The purpose of CobbleStone’s 2020 Virtual User Conference is to offer value to our clients and potential new users of CobbleStone software by sharing contract management best practices and building relationships.  Our user conference attendees’ needs and desires are at the forefront of our plans as we eagerly anticipate our biggest event of the year. Below is a general exposé of the anticipated events and topics at this year’s virtual user conference. Watch the video below to learn more.


    Virtual Event Sessions

    Breakout Sessions

    Attendees can attend breakout sessions catered to their experience level of contract management software.  These breakout sessions will provide the opportunity for attendees to collaborate with CobbleStone’s Contract Insight experts to deepen their knowledge of the software’s user-friendly features and leverage them to maximize contract lifecycle management workflow. 

    Keynote Speakers

    CobbleStone user conference keynotes will feature select relevant, engaging, and industry-savvy speakers that can inspire and encourage attendees in their contract management, legal,  and procurement processes.

    Virtual Event Topics

    Smarter Contract Authoring

    Legal teams, contract administrators, and sourcing professionals can leverage pre-approved and up-to-date clauses and templates rather than manually writing new contract clauses and templates.  Attendees can discover how to leverage this time-saving process with leading contract management software to streamline the contract drafting process.

    Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

    Attendees can learn how machine learning and AI can automate contract management processes to streamline workflow.  CobbleStone Software experts look forward to sharing how contract intelligence can increase accountability and mitigate risk.  Attendees can discover how to leverage these industry-leading tools in CobbleStone’s Contract Insight to increase ROI.

    Reporting & Searching in Contract Insight

    Reporting and searching can help users find information quickly.  Attendees can discover how to leverage Contract Insight’s Quick Search feature, now backed with AI-enabled search recommendations, to seamlessly search for specific contracts, contract records, requests, and related documents by searching for phrases or keywords.  Attendees can learn how to leverage custom and ad-hoc reports to streamline their processes and save their organizations valuable time.

    Intelligent Workflow & Approvals

    Workflow keeps the contract management process running smoothly with timely alerts and notifications that remind users to approve, modify, and review contracts and other documents in Contract Insight.  Attendees can learn how to properly calibrate these functionalities to avoid missed steps and process bottlenecks.

    CobbleStone Software’s virtual user conference event sessions, topics, speakers, and dates are subject to change.

    Stay in the Know to Save Your Spot

    We are eager to present open registration for CobbleStone Software’s Virtual 2020 User Conference.  Details will be coming soon!  To remain abreast of updates for this year’s highly anticipated virtual user conference, subscribe to CobbleStone’s blog and follow us on social media.  We are excited to share more virtual event details with you in the upcoming weeks!

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    Published: 09/25/20
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