Contract Searching and Reporting in Contract Insight®

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    Contract Searching and Reporting in Contract Insight

    CobbleStone’s contract management software, Contract Insight, provides system users with a searchable contract repository that makes finding information easy.  When contracts and related documents are stored on shared drives it becomes difficult to find the correct document version and contract details because of limited searching capabilities and no audit trails.  A searchable contract repository provides full transparency into document versions, updates, and related documents.

    Ways to Search in Contract Insight

    Locate what you’re looking for quickly and easily by understanding Contract Insight’s system searching options. 

    Contract Insight has multiple searching options and the most popular are QuickSearch and Simple Search.

    • QuickSearch: Easily search throughout the system for documents containing a specific keyword.
    • Simple Search: Search more specifically within a category such as department, account number, or counterparty name to narrow down your search.

    Both searching options can help you find what you’re looking for, but Simple Search can help narrow down results based on specifics you might know about the contract or record.

    You may also search for reports that are stored in your system through ad-hoc report searches to see reports containing specific contract or counterparty information such as contracts over $5,000 or vendors used for marketing materials.

    Reports in Contract Insight

    Discover ways to create reports based on key contract dates, financials, and data fields.  We give users access to unlimited ad-hoc reports that can be configured to meet their individual needs.

    Our advanced contract reporting tool gives Contract Insight users full visibility into contractual relationships across business units and includes full audit trails for every contract.  In the release of Contract Insight Version 17.3.0, CobbleStone updated its flexible ad-hoc reporting tool, offering advanced capabilities for better transparency and more detailed reports.

    The ad-hoc reporting tool allows current users to generate reports, also known as saved searches, based on system-defined or user-defined fields. Users can make in-line edits and changes to reports as needed, to contract records directly from the ad-hoc report view page, and to contracts directly through report results.

    Common ad-hoc reports for contract management may be:

    • active contracts
    • expiring contracts
    • contracts by department
    • contract amounts
    • contracts in review
    • key dates
    • milestones

    System users can easily create ad-hoc reports for any of the reports mentioned above, and many others.  For assistance with configuring ad-hoc reports in your system, schedule contract management training with a CobbleStone Representative.

    System users can review reports on the dashboard or report list or have them sent via email on a scheduled basis.  CobbleStone provides this feature so users can report on sub-tables throughout their system, including files and notes.  Reports in Contract Insight help users always have instant access to important details about their contracts.  This can help with contract compliance and maintenance. 

    Learn more about CobbleStone's Free Educational Seminar

    CobbleStone will cover searching and reporting at its training event series, “The Road to Contract Management & Procurement Success”.  Discover when we'll be visiting and be sure to come see our software in action.

    Contract Insight’s searching and reporting capabilities are just some of the many features CobbleStone’s award-winning contract management software has to offer.  Some other features contract and legal professionals find time-saving and valuable are intelligent workflows, automated alerts and reminders, contract templates and clauses, e-signatures, and more.  Discover Contract Insight in action by scheduling a free customized demo.

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    Published: 04/18/19
    Rosemary Shields

    Written by Rosemary Shields

    Rosemary Shields is a Marketing Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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