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    CobbleStone Software introduces the new CobbleStone Contract Insight contract management software wiki.

    The CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki Has Moved!

    The CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki has been drastically refreshed to provide a unique and conducive experience across contract management software system areas!  Here at CobbleStone, we are incredibly excited to introduce users to a contract management software Wiki to quickly address their contract lifecycle management software needs.  Whether you have been using CobbleStone® as your go-to contract software solution for days, weeks, months, or even years, there's a good chance that you are not familiar with every single detail the system has to offer.  Luckily, the new CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki can allow you to follow along for a more streamlined and visually-engaging learning experience - complete with visual examples and walkthroughs.  Read on to learn how to navigate the new CobbleStone Contract Insight Documentation Wiki with ease!

    Contract Management Software Wiki

    A contract management software Wiki can be used by CLM software users to learn about contract management software features and troubleshoot when they need assistance with robust contract software functionality.  Leading contract management software providers – such as CobbleStone Software – offer an organized structure and sections, detailed directions, and system screenshots for a visually engaging and easily navigable experience.

    The New CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki Landing Screen

    When navigating to the contract management software Wiki, users can now enjoy a landing screen that allows them to find a search term from the onset; or, they can browse by a specific, clickable, and easily navigable category of the Wiki.

    By clicking the "Documentation" button towards the top of the page, users can see all areas of the Wiki from which to choose - in a sensible, numbered order that takes users through the system in an organized fashion.  Next, CobbleStone's website and the legacy Wiki platform are listed for easy and centralized access.  Additionally, help options are listed towards the bottom of the page - such as CobbleStone Support via email. 

    At the bottom of each screen, users have easy access to the CobbleStone Blog, Case Studies, Implementation and Support Services, CobbleStone's social media platforms, and many other valuable areas.  Important links are also housed on the very top of every screen, with which users may register for free online group training sessions, access the CobbleStone University learning tools, view CobbleStone Contract Insight add-on modules, and learn how to go about submitting a ticket.


    New CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki Functionalities

    In the new CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki, users can access mission-critical sections and topics virtually at the click of a button - thanks to quick search functionality complete with detailed and thorough content previews.  As users type in their desired search term in the top search bar, the comprehensive section and topic results can populate almost immediately.  Below is an example of what appears virtually in real-time.  Users can select results that are fetched from the appearing list, or they can view all areas where their search term is found by clicking "View all results for [search term]." This top search bar appears in every area of the Wiki, aiming to maximize convenience wherever possible.


    Get Started With the New CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki!

    Given that CobbleStone Contract Insight offers a rich plethora of different features, we recognize that knowing how to fully maximize all features from the get-go can be challenging.  Thankfully, the CobbleStone Contract Insight contract management software Wiki page has been set up to help users master the CobbleStone Software system.

    While configuring your system, please note that no two CobbleStone systems are the same.  Therefore, areas may or may not be included in your system, depending on your organization's CobbleStone Software license.  Hyperlinks are embedded in each topic to allow easy access from section to section - depending on your organization's needs.

    Not a CobbleStone user?  Consider CobbleStone Contract Insight!

    CobbleStone Contract Insight is an award-winning contract lifecycle management software solution that leading contract professionals from various industries have trusted for over 20 years and counting.  CobbleStone can help you tackle the stages of the contract lifecycle with confidence.  With so many leading tools, it's no wonder why Forrester names CobbleStone a Leader in CLM software!

    Book your free demo of CobbleStone today!

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    Published: 02/1/22
    Adam Widmeier

    Written by Adam Widmeier

    Adam Widmeier is a Documentation and Training Specialist at CobbleStone Software

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