2023 CobbleStone® Roadshow Reimagined: Achieve Sustainable CLM Success

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    CobbleStone Software introduces its 2023 CobbleStone Roadshow for sustainable contract lifecycle management success.

    The 2023 CobbleStone Roadshow Reimagined is coming to a computer or city near you this year, with monthly Contract Management Masterclass and Client Training events from February 24th through December 15th, 2023! Achieve sustainable contract lifecycle management success by attending a Contract Management Masterclass or Client Training event either online or in person - including on-site events in New York, NY; Washington, DC; Los Angeles, CA; and Houston, TX. 

    While the Contract Management Masterclass events offer prospective CobbleStone users an immersive and preliminary venture into contract management software, the Client Training events can help CobbleStone Admins optimize their CobbleStone Contract Insight® configurations and system processes. Read on to discover what attendees can anticipate at The 2023 CobbleStone Roadshow Reimagined!

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    CobbleStone Contract Insight Admins can attend a Client Training event led by CobbleStone experts to heighten their knowledge of system functionality – including leveraging VISDOM® AI and configuring automated workflows - to expedite contract lifecycle management processes. 

    Prospective CobbleStone users can attend a Contract Management Masterclass event to discover contract management best practices and how contract management software can be leveraged to achieve sustainable contract lifecycle management success.

    Contract Management Masterclass


    The Virtual Experience

    The virtual Contract Management Masterclass provides prospective CobbleStone Contract Insight users with a complimentary learning experience where attendees can learn contract lifecycle management best practices while exploring CobbleStone Contract Insight's robust CLM, eProcurement, eSourcing, and vendor management features.  Attendees can learn how to:

    Following the main agenda, registrants will have the opportunity to engage in a question-and-answer time with a CobbleStone Contract Insight expert.

    The In-Person Experience

    The in-person Contract Management Masterclass provides prospective CLM software users with a complimentary hour-long demonstration of CobbleStone Contract Insight's robust source-to-contract lifecycle management features with a post-demonstration 30-minute question and answer time. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with CobbleStone's CLM software experts in various cities across the USA.




    Client Training


    The Virtual Experience

    The virtual Client Training provides CobbleStone Contract Insight Admins with a dynamic training experience with CobbleStone experts to help attendees achieve sustainable contract management, eProcurement, eSourcing, and vendor management success.  The virtual Client Training provides system Admins with robust CobbleStone Contract Insight configuration and management training for only $99 per registrant.  During this robust training session, attendees can deepen their knowledge of advanced, administrator-focused topics – including the following.

    • Reports & Dashboards
    • Document Templates
    • Workflows
    • & More!

    A live Q&A chat will also be hosted by CobbleStone experts and registrants will receive a recording of the training session afterward.

    The In-Person Experience

    The in-person Client Training provides new and seasoned Admins with a hands-on learning experience to enhance their system mastery of CobbleStone Contract Insight. The day will begin with a system overview and Q&A from a CobbleStone expert - which is excellent for new Admins and a rudimentary refresher for more seasoned Admins.

    The remainder of the day will feature in-depth small-group training sessions by CobbleStone trainers - who will highlight practical exercises for each topic. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring laptops to complete the assigned exercises. Additionally, CobbleStone will provide physical training materials.  Throughout this kinesthetically immersive learning experience, CobbleStone experts will circulate the room to support attendees as they work with CobbleStone Contract Insight's robust features. 

    For only $299 (Early-Bird) or $499 (Standard) per registrant, attendees can achieve sustainable contract lifecycle management success by deepening their knowledge of the following areas.

    • Field Management
    • System Dashboards
    • Ad-Hoc Reports
    • Workflows
    • & More!

    At the closing of each event, attendees can obtain a certificate of completion as proof of their new CobbleStone Contract Insight expertise.




    Reimagine Your CLM Processes at the 2023 CobbleStone Roadshow

    With a combined total of 22 Contract Management Masterclass and Client Training events to choose from with virtual and in-person offerings, now is your time to achieve sustainable contract lifecycle management success!

    For inquiries about The 2023 CobbleStone Roadshow, you can email training@CobbleStoneSoftware.com or call 866-330-0056.

    CobbleStone Software continues to be a leader in contract lifecycle management software for over 25 years and counting.  CobbleStone's user-friendly, vigorous, and scalable solution seamlessly integrates with mission-critical applications for unified and seamless contract management.  CobbleStone Software, as a software provider, also remains SOC 1SOC 2, and Privacy Shield compliant to encourage the utmost security.

    Discover why thousands of contract managers depend on CobbleStone Software with their contract management requirements.  To learn more about CobbleStone's exceptional contract management software, book a free demo with a Contract Insight expert today!

    CobbleStone Software offers a complimentary demo.


    To stay up to date on best practices, industry news, and CobbleStone Software updates, be sure to subscribe to our blog and YouTube Channel.

    *The 2023 CobbleStone Roadshow dates, times, agenda, and pricing are subject to change.

    Published: 02/15/23
    Tyler Holzer

    Written by Tyler Holzer

    Tyler Holzer is a Software Trainer at CobbleStone Software

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