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Tyler Holzer is a Software Trainer at CobbleStone Software

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The CobbleStone University Certification Program

By Tyler Holzer on 08/18/22

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CobbleStone Software is proud to introduce the CobbleStone University Certification Program (CUCP)! The program will strengthen and verify our Partner Network’s expertise in CobbleStone Contract Insight® Enterprise. The program is comprised of a series of live training sessions and videos with accompanying documentation, and culminates in assessments to earn your certification. Read on to learn more!

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Introducing New CobbleStone Contract Insight® End-User Training Videos

By Tyler Holzer on 05/10/22

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Onboarding and training your next generation of employees can prove time-consuming and somewhat stressful for most organizations.  Turnover in your legal team, compliance, and other key roles can create friction that affects your bottom line.  Fortunately, CobbleStone Software is dedicated to protecting your source-to-contract management workflows from process bottlenecks by creating a smooth learning experience for your new contract management software users.

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The 2022 CobbleStone® “Roadshow” – Launch Into the Future of CLM!

By Tyler Holzer on 02/4/22

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The CobbleStone "Roadshow"* is coming to a computer near you this year!  These masterclass and CobbleStone Contract Insight training events - Launch Into The Future Of Contract Management - are offered to help CobbleStone users optimize their contract management software and eProcurement procedures while offering non-CobbleStone users an immersive, preliminary venture into CobbleStone Contract Insight®.  Read on to discover what attendees can anticipate at The 2022 CobbleStone Contract Management "Roadshow."

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The Importance of Contract Management Software Training

By Tyler Holzer on 10/13/21

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If you are a new CobbleStone Contract Insight® user, we understand that learning the contract management software system can be intimidating at the outset.  You may be asking yourself, "How will I learn the system?"  "How will I remember everything?"  "Do I need to do all of this myself?"  Well, rest assured, CobbleStone® offers a myriad of training resources to ease concerns you may have!  CobbleStone can provide training resources to fit your needs - whether you are a brand-new client, a new user of the system, or simply want to brush up on a few features.

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