CobbleStone Software Blog Recap for August 2018

    By Maisie Brooks on 08/31/18

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    Contract Management is evolving daily through digital transformation, industry demands, and regulatory updates.  Stay in-the-know with this month's Contract Management blog recap for August 2018.
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    Back from the Beach: Close More Sales in Q4 with Sell-Side Contract Management

    By Maria Votlucka on 08/27/18

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    Summer is coming to an end. You’ve experienced just enough rest, relaxation, sun, and sand to help you clear your head and get you inspired to return to the office refreshed and refocused for Q4.

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    The #1 Reason Contract Lifecycle Management Fails

    By Maisie Brooks on 08/20/18

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    Many organizations understand the potential value, positive impact, and negative impact of their contracts. They reach a point where they’re committed to creating a strategic contract lifecycle management process that’s supported with the right contract software, tools, and people.

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    4 Signs It's Time to Walk Away from Your Contract Management Software

    By Jessica Troppello on 08/13/18

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    Did We Choose the Wrong Contract Management Software Provider?

    Your organization invested in contract management software to effectively manage the contract lifecycle with less overwhelm, more automation, more visibility, and more predictability.  But what if the lackluster results you’re experiencing aren't worth the time and money you put into the implementation?

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    Contract Analytics and Reporting Mastery: 3 Critical Reports

    By Maisie Brooks on 08/6/18

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    How can Contract Analytics and Reports Improve Your Contract Management Strategy? 

    The key to successfully managing contracts is leveraging contract management software to increase visibility, reduce risk, reveal opportunities, and build strong relationships with counterparties and vendors. Contract analytics supports this initiative.

    The challenge is that implementing contract technology to draft, negotiate, approve, sign, and store contracts is not enough. The “it” factor in contract management is contract analytics with reports that are easily accessible and user-friendly, while providing the right data at the right time to the right people.

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