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CobbleStone Software presents to CobbleStone Contract Insight wiki.

CobbleStone Contract Insight® users can leverage the CobbleStone Contract Insight wiki/user manual to promote the best possible utilization of their system.  Whether you are a CobbleStone user or a potential user, you can read this article - written by CobbleStone Software Documentation & Training Specialist Adam Widmeier - to learn how to maximize the many contract management software features available with CobbleStone Contract Insight.

We're Here to Help!

CobbleStone's one-stop contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing software is an intricate system full of robust and granular functionality that exists to help organizations thrive on a rapidly adopted and user-friendly interface.  Both new and experienced CobbleStone Contract Insight users can find helpful functionality within their systems that they never knew existed - even years after initial purchase and adoption.  Therefore - in ordered for this continuous contract software learning experience to take place - it is of critical importance that we at CobbleStone Software update our Wiki page regularly to provide users with a user-friendly and easily navigable experience and to allow for maximum convenience so that these contract management tools (and their use cases) make sense.

We Care About Your Contract Management Software ROI
As a technical writer, the importance of keeping information up to date is of high priority - especially when it comes to assisting users while troubleshooting.  We at CobbleStone take pride in our behind-the-scenes work to keep our Wiki page user-friendly and full of useful information which can help any user to reap the most ROI from their contract management system.  This dedication to CLM education can be seen when we roll out our software updates, for example.  When we released CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise Version 17.8.0 just a couple months ago, I recall constantly studying the release notes to put different processes and tools into the most understandable terms possible, which would later reflect on the wiki page.  Even when we are between CLM software updates, we are always working on making the Wiki more helpful and enjoyable to use.

Digging Into the Contract Management Software Wiki

CobbleStone Contract Insight users can navigate to the information that they need quickly - thanks to robust search functionality.  Users can narrow down their search by choosing three unique areas.  First is an area where users can select the exact section a word/phrase applies to.  Next, they can choose between “content,” “content & tags,” or “tags & keywords only” for an even more granular and scalable experience.  Lastly and most commonly, users are free to search by word or phrase.

With the search for a word or phrase, searching can be specified as to search by “contains at least one word," “contains all words," or “contains [the] exact word/phrase.”  All these options enhance contract management software navigation easier and more configurable for the user.

A Step-By-Step CLM Learning Experience

The Wiki is not just limited to words, either.  Wiki pages have photos with important system areas pointed out to the user, making processes easy to follow so that users can quickly come to understand critical contract management software tools.  Of course, procedures are broken down into steps that allow the user to follow along at a high level.  Boxes and other visual aids are used to draw attention to important, specific sections of the system for a given step.  The Wiki also features frequently asked questions, as well as video tutorials and a convenient, expandable/collapsible, and low-friction table of contents!

Conquer Contracts With CobbleStone Contract Insight

We understand that there is always room for improvement.  That is why we never stop in our pursuit of perfecting CobbleStone Contract Insight from development, to quality assurance, all the way to the Wiki.  No matter if a user only reads a document from time to time, or if they are a system admin who interacts with the system on a daily basis - we are constantly working to better our contract lifecycle management system - as well as relevant documentation - every single day to provide a slick, premium, convenient, and reliable contract software experience with every user in mind.

Are You a CobbleStone Software User?

If you are already a CobbleStone Contract Insight user:

1. Consider registering for CobbleStone Contract Insight free online group training sessions to continue your contract management software education - no matter if you are a new or experienced CobbleStone user.  With 11 core system areas to master, you would be remiss to overlook this valuable learning opportunity!

2. Review current CobbleStone Contract Insight add-on modules to see if your organization can seamlessly integrate important, state-of-the-art source-to-contract management features.

NOT a CobbleStone Software User?

Learn why thousands of contract managers across the globe trust CobbleStone with their contract management needs, as well as why Forrester names CobbleStone a Leader in CLM software!  To learn more about CobbleStone’s unparalleled contract software, book a free demo with a Contract Insight expert today!

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Adam Widmeier

Written by Adam Widmeier

Adam Widmeier is a Documentation and Training Specialist at CobbleStone Software

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