Implementor’s Story: Accessing Contracts Across Divisions

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    Document Access With Contract Insight

    The Challenge: Gaining Access to Necessary Documents

    CobbleStone’s award-winning contract management software, Contract Insight®, is a fully configurable system, able to meet any industry’s needs with a few configurations.  Worldwide organizations, from industrial divisions to material processing units use Contract Insight as their preferred contract management software.  Learn from this real-world example how one of the largest worldwide industrial companies chose Contract Insight as their preferred contract management system and utilized the user-friendly software’s configurability to set up the system to meet their needs.

    A global product and service provider for steelmakers, rail companies, and energy producers was facing the challenge of how to provide controlled document access across divisions for the hundreds of contracts and related documents within the organization.  Identifying specific documents was an issue within the organization and they needed a place to host documents with employee-based controlled access.

    It’s important for organizations to have a known location for contracts and related documents so when an employee needs to view or edit a document they can easily identify the location of the document(s) and the access necessary to effectively do their job.

    The Solution: A Contract Repository With Controlled User Access

    Ian, a Contract Insight Implementor at CobbleStone, helped the organization’s legal team during an optimization session by showing them how to easily configure their system’s contract field types so all company contracts and related documents are easily searchable, with document version control, all from within the system.  Now, every time an employee needs access to a contract, they can easily search, view, edit, and share the document without having to ask anyone where the document is stored.  This industrial organization can now focus on workday tasks with ease, knowing they can easily identify document locations when needed.

    About the Implementor

    Ian Cherry HeadshotIan has been a Software Implementor at CobbleStone since 2018 with experience working in the IT field for the last 10 years.  He works with clients during implementation and optimization sessions, handling anywhere from 20 to 60 unique situations every month.  He finds Contract Insight’s Ad-Hoc Reporting feature to be especially useful to the clients he works with since they are simple, but can provide fast results.  He always looks forward to helping organizations take full advantage of the software features Contract Insight has to offer.

    Contract Insight for Industrial Organizations

    With CobbleStone’s Contract Insight contract management software, industrial, energy, and other essential industries can eliminate process bottlenecks, standardize contract authoring, and simplify cross-departmental contract management.  Industrial institutions can use Contract Insight for better document management, searching and reporting, and regulatory compliance while tracking important dates and expenditures with automated calendar alerts, intelligent workflows, and financial tracking.

    Contact us today to sign up for training with CobbleStone.  Take full advantage of your Contract Insight system by learning how to effectively use advanced features of our software and discover new release updates.

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    Published: 03/13/19
    Rosemary Shields

    Written by Rosemary Shields

    Rosemary Shields is a Marketing Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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