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    CobbleStone attended NY Tech Summit 2019 on June 5th through June 7th as a contract management software exhibitor.  The event was focused on hot IT topics and trends and offered a collaborative experience. Our exciting days consisted of breakout sessions, roundtables, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities at the Oneida Indian Nation’s Turning Stone Resort and Casino located in the heart of upstate New York.  If you didn't have a chance to attend NY Tech Summit 2019, I’ve outlined some key takeaways in this article.

    Takeaways From NY Tech Summit 2019

    NY Tech Summit offered an intimate setting in an award-winning venue, providing valuable opportunities to discuss IT and cybersecurity challenges, share experiences, learn about new technology, educate others about the solutions you can help them with, and network.

    Summit Session: Hyperconvergence – Why now and how to plan for it?

    This session addressed how hyperconvergence can be implemented so organizations may better serve their user community with an IT framework that increases scalability and decreases complexity around storage, computing, and networking.

    CobbleStone’s contract management software offers a streamlined and secure way to store contracts, agreements, and documents, to improve collaboration and retain version control.  With optimized visibility, advanced searching, contract tracking, and maximum security, digital document transformation is scalable and within reach.

    Make Your Case for Contract Lifecycle Management Software

    Summit Session: Redefine the IT Value Life Cycle

    This session discussed the processes needed to support assets from procurement through decommission to not only manage the lifecycle of IT investments, but to maximize their value through operations enhancement and competitive advantage creation while staying within budget.  

    CobbleStone’s CLM software helps organizations redefine the value of vendor agreements and the entire contract lifecycle from request to renewals.  Effective contract lifecycle management positions organizations to realize the full value of their contracts and agreements while leveraging them to drive positive impact with increased revenue and compliance, decreased risk, and improved contract processes across the entire organization.

    Summit Session: How Megatrends may force you to rethink your current business model

    This session discussed disruptive technologies, including IoT and AI, while addressing the need for traditional business models to evolve to interact with customers and suppliers effectively.  A simple approach was mapped out to help attendees develop 1, 5, and 10-year models that will be the blueprint for organizations’ future states.

    CobbleStone Software helps organizations and IT professionals take control and leverage contracts as a strategic driver towards future state realization.

    Summit Giveaways, Raffles, Networking, and More

    The conference was filled with exciting sessions and cool giveaways that got attendees excited to learn and connect with exhibitors.  NY Tech Summit 2019 provided a forum with attentive attendees who were eager to hear about company announcements, product launches, and software demo opportunities.  The after-hours networking at the 1940’s Film Noir inspired sophisticated lounge and cocktail bar, Turquoise Tiger, offered a fun and relaxing time for attendees and exhibitors to build rapport and connect for future business opportunities.

    CobbleStone's team at NY Tech Summit 2019CobbleStone's Maria V. and Euston D. at NY Tech Summit in Verona, NY

    That’s a Tech Wrap-Up!

    NY Tech Summit Lightning Talk, “Common Misconceptions in the Cybersecurity Industry” stood out to me as such an important topic because speaker Paul Robinson discussed how cybersecurity impacts the entire organization – not just IT – in all size companies.

    I relate this hot topic to contract management because organizations that are using disconnected storage platforms or manual processes to manage contracts are putting their organization’s and customers' consumer data and PII (personally identifiable information) at undue risk.

    The reality is that contracts touch every part of your organization, and when managed effectively, they can provide unprecedented opportunity and value.  The time is now to secure your documents, automate contract lifecycles, and improve cybersecurity with advanced contract management software backed by AI and machine learning. 

    Learn more about Contract Insight® and how it can help you take control of contracts and vendor agreements with a free demo or 30-day free trial.

    Make your case for contract management software. Download your guide now.

    Published: 06/13/19
    Maria Votlucka

    Written by Maria Votlucka

    Maria Votlucka is a Marketing Manager at CobbleStone Software.

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