CobbleStone Contract Insight® 17.11.0: Master New Tools to Enhance CLM

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    CobbleStone Software introduces CobbleStone Contract Insight® Version 17.11.0 to help users master new tools to enhance CLM.

    CobbleStone Software's latest version – CobbleStone Contract Insight® Enterprise 17.11.0 – has come, introducing next-level CLM features and enhancements for you to master to bring your contract management software platform to the next level!

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    Advanced new features and enhancements have been included with CobbleStone Contract Insight to help your organization automate and streamline contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing processes.  Your team can enjoy a refreshingly low-friction, user-friendly, configurable contract lifecycle management software experience.  Such advantageous CLM tools include:

    • the ability to drag and drop multiple documents consecutively within VISDOM® AI - CobbleStone's artificial intelligence engine with machine learning - for data extraction, field mapping, and more.
    • a robust, native online document editing interface with optimized security and centralized collaboration.
    • a signNow eSign connector for streamlined electronic signatures.
    • maximized contract management software user permissions and security.
    • the ability to easily create requests from purchase orders.
    • optimal vendor oversight with advanced surveys and Q&As.
    • & More!

    This list is just a glimpse at what you can do with CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.11.0.  Let's get more thorough with how you can leverage CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.11.0 to immerse yourself in a truly transformative contracting process!



    Process Multiple Documents from Drag and Drop Queue in VISDOM AI

    Experience CobbleStone's VISDOM AI like never before for a streamlined and automated process!

    Your team can drag and drop multiple documents at once for intelligent data extraction, field mapping, text analysis, and machine learning!

    You can easily drag and drop multiple files and choose which one goes through an intelligent VISDOM process first! 

    CobbleStone Software allows you to import multiple documents at a time for intelligent data extraction and more.

    Once the first document you introduced is finished with a state-of-the-art OCR process, you can be prompted to create a new record page with the file with intelligent field mapping or add the file to the previously created record page.

    The process continues as such with whichever documents you added to the queue. 

    CobbleStone Software allows for swift AI-based data extraction for multiple files at a time.

    As such, you can streamline data extraction and more without having to individually import multiple documents at a time for a splendidly low-friction contract AI process!

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    Native Online Document Editing With Optimized Security & Collaboration

    Enjoy a secure, centralized, and user-friendly contract document editing experience within CobbleStone Contract Insight's native online document editing tool!

    There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to CobbleStone's enhanced online document editor.

    One fascinating feature of the online document editor is that your document collaborators can add comments to documents during collaboration!  You can enjoy familiar commenting features, such as:

    • add comment.
    • previous comment.
    • next comment.
    • edit comment.
    • highlight text.
    • & More!

    CobbleStone Software offers comment functionalities on their online document editor tool.

    Additionally, by default, the system has Track Changes set to "On" so that your team can have an up-to-date record of changes made to a collaborative document within your CobbleStone Contract Insight system.  This feature can help virtually ensure that changes made by one or more of your collaborators are accounted for - without the editor needing to remember to turn on Track Changes.  If desired, this configuration can be easily disabled as well.

    signNow eSign Connector for Streamlined Electronic Signatures

    Supercharge your contract signing process with an out-of-the-box signNow eSign connector!

    Enjoy an out-of-the-box signNow eSign connector by first clicking on "eSign Document" within your system document toolbox.

    CobbleStone Software allows you to eSign documents on their document toolbox.

    From here, you will see the option to select the signNow eSign connector.

    CobbleStone Software offers a signNow eSign connector.

    Please note that this feature requires a signNow license with API key, licensed from signNow. 

    Next, you can send a document for signing with signNow for paramount CLM and eSignature process centralization!  You can also introduce an existing signNow agreement into CobbleStone as well.

    Maximized Contract Management Software User Permissions & Security

    CobbleStone Contract Insight offers robust user permissions and security for your system!

    You can easily edit the names of your user permissions security groups for more governance over assigning CobbleStone Contract Insight user access in your system.  Subsequently, you can easily assign roles to your appropriately named security groups for optimized administration and ease of use!

    CobbleStone Software gives you governance over user permissions security groups.

    Your employee users can also easily update their employee information for increased accuracy and user oversight.  They can edit information such as address information, contact information, and more!  This is an optional permission - depending on how much access your employees should have based on your organization's needs.


    Make Your Case for Contract Lifecycle Management Software


    Seamlessly Create Requests From Existing Purchase Orders

    Centralize purchase order and request processes for powerful process unification and efficiency!

    You can seamlessly create a request record from a purchase order record from the "Actions" menu on the left side of your purchase order record.

    CobbleStone Software allows you to create a request record straight from a purchase order record.

    You can easily configure field mapping in your system to map information from your purchase order record to the newly created request record - speeding up your contract and procurement processes!

    Optimal Vendor Oversight With Robust Vendor Surveys & Q&A's

    Enjoy CobbleStone Vendor Management Software like never before with robust vendor survey and Q&A configuration options!

    Your organization can enjoy governance over vendor surveys and questionnaires with a system that automatically audits:

    • the user who created a vendor survey or Q&A.
    • the date a vendor survey or Q&A was created.
    • who the vendor survey or Q&A was updated by.
    • when an update was made.
    • & More!

    Additionally, you have robust governance over who is and is not invited as a participant to a survey.  You can add and remove participants one-off or in bulk before a survey process commences.  As always, you can easily configure whether or not the survey can be retaken, the survey title, the survey start date, the survey due date, and more.

    Get Going with CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.11.0!

    These tools are just a scratch at the surface at all of the leading CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.11.0 functionalities that you can leverage to succeed in the management of contracts, requests, vendors, and other key aspects of source-to-contract management.  Get started with CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.11.0 to enthrall yourself in exciting new features and innovations that CobbleStone offers for CLM prosperity!  Contact your Account Rep today to discover CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0's new functionality and to review licensing options.

    Are you considering CobbleStone Software and like what you see above?  Book your free demo today!

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    Published: 03/22/22
    Sean Heck

    Written by Sean Heck

    Sean Heck is Content Marketing Manager at CobbleStone Software

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