Our Free Contract Tracker & How It Can Help Your Contract Process

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    CobbleStone Software showcases the temporary benefits of its free contract tracker. Keeping track of contracts can prove challenging, especially without a centralized system.  While contract management software provides a robust solution for contract lifecycle management, a basic contract tracking spreadsheet can help you retain some oversight.  Read on to learn how you can leverage CobbleStone Software’s free contract tracker to help streamline your contract management procedures.

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    Contract Tracker

    A contract tracker is a centralized location whereby you can input contract information along each stage of the contract lifecycle – including requests, counterparties, signing dates, obligations, and renewal dates – and track contract management stages, such as with a manual spreadsheet or via an automated contract management system.  Contract tracking can either make or break the way you manage contracts.

    CobbleStone’s Free Contract Tracker

    While a leading-edge contract lifecycle management software suite can provide you with ideal tools to centralize and save time on your contract tracking processes, CobbleStone’s free contract management spreadsheet can help you organize your contract management processes manually within a centralized location until you are ready to automate your processes with CobbleStone Contract Insight® CLM software.


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    Contract Tracking Spreadsheet Pros

    A contract tracking spreadsheet can help you manually organize and view contract information such as:

    • Counterparties.
    • Key Dates.
    • Stakeholder Details.
    • Departments.
    • Agreement Types.
    • Renewal Notes.

    Contract Tracking Spreadsheet Cons

    A contract tracking spreadsheet can delay your contract management processes by requiring consistent updates, routine maintenance, and manual data entry.  Some spreadsheet deficiencies include the following.

    • Spreadsheets cannot alert you of mission-critical tasks or questionable contract language during contract creation or document management.
    • Spreadsheets cannot support quick contract eApprovals and integrated eSigntures - or other advanced contract collaboration tools.
    • Spreadsheets cannot assess post-award contract compliance and risk with AI.

    Learn how VISDOM® AI can streamline your contract tracking processes in the video below.



    Automated Contract Tracking with CobbleStone Contract Insight

    When you are ready to let go of manual, free contract management software alternatives and instead embrace automated contract tracking within a leading-edge CLM software suite, CobbleStone Contract Insight can receive you with open arms to help empower your end-to-end contract lifecycle management processes from contract requests through renewals.

    CobbleStone’s trusted, award-winning, fully integrated contract management software streamlines the contract management process with real-time governance, reduced friction, and high flexibility from contract requests to renewals.  CobbleStone Contract Insight has been a visionary leader in CLM software for over twenty years.  CobbleStone’s user-friendly, robust, and scalable solution seamlessly integrates with mission-critical applications, including MS Word and MS Outlook, to help your team manage contracts easily.  It's no wonder why Quadrant Knowledge Solutions recognizes CobbleStone as a CLM Leader in the Spark MatrixTM Report!

    Discover why thousands of contract managers trust CobbleStone Software with their contract management needs.  To learn more about CobbleStone’s unparalleled contract management software, book a free demo with a CobbleStone Contract Insight expert today! Want to dive straight in? Enjoy a free trial of CobbleStone.

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    This blog was originally published on October 19th, 2021, and was updated on March 29th, 2023.

    Published: 03/29/23
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