Manage Contracts Remotely – Contract Management Best Practices Series

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    CobbleStone Software showcases how to manage contracts remotely in its Contract Management Best Practices series.

    Managing contracts from requests to renewals can prove difficult when relying on primarily local processes.  Without effective remote contract management tools, you can find yourself running into inefficient contract management processes that limit workplace flexibility and create contract workflow bottlenecks.  Read on to learn how leading contract management software can support remote contract management success.

    What is Remote Contract Management?

    Remote contract management digitally unifies contract lifecycle management processes from contract requests through renewals in a centralized, web-enabled system for stakeholders to engage with from virtually anywhere with suitable WiFi.  Effective remote contract management usually involves leading CLM software to unify people, processes, and technology for powerful source-to-contract management success that can include eSourcing and eProcurement tools.


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    Remote Contract Tracking Oversight from Requests to Renewals

    Tracking contracts with an approach involving emails, spreadsheets, shared drives, and other manual processes can make remote contract management nearly impossible.  Manually tracking contracts can place an organization at risk for compliance issues, contract failure, and financial instability – to name a few.  While spreadsheets can organize contracts, they cannot alert contract managers of vital opportunities and warnings, including contract version tracking alerts and opportunity alerts in upcoming contract renewals – which are crucial to post-award contract management success.  These methods can undermine the contract tracking process with unclear audit trails, continually changing timelines, and other delays caused by disparate CLM processes - inconducive for remote contract management success.

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    Thankfully, leading web-enabled contract management software can equip you with the mission-critical tools to track contracts effectively and efficiently.  A centralized SaaS (Software as a Service) contract management software solution provides advanced contract tracking with a secure contract repository, approved clause libraries and templates, detailed audit trails, performance insights, and improved collaboration.  You can manage SaaS contracts throughout the entire lifecycle with the help of task alerts and notifications that can be configured via email - especially with the help of an MS Outlook PC Helper-App.

    Robust web-enabled contract tracking features can empower you to track contract compliance, obligations, and renewals with robust and timely oversight.  Moreover, with the help of flow-down subcontract document management, you can track contract document numbers and ancillary flow-down sub-contracts.  Rather than simply utilizing a contract repository system, you can leverage proven end-to-end SaaS contract lifecycle management processes that assist with each stage of the contract lifecycle and equip the collaboration of necessary stakeholders from virtually anywhere with suitable WiFi.

    Web-Enabled Contract Redlining for Speedy Remote Negotiations

    Contract redlining software centralizes the contract negotiation process of edits and communications in a secure, web-enabled location.  Robust contract redlining software within a leading CLM software suite offers advanced artificial intelligence with machine learning to support contract language updates – particularly clauses, natural language processing, concurrent editing, commenting tools, rules-based editing permissions, alerts, email notifications, configurable workflows, and more.

    Contract Redlining Workflows & Centralized Communications

    Future-minded contract redlining software allows for workflow configurations – including clause ownership assignments, task escalations, and approval routing.  To ensure the right stakeholders remain abreast of language changes for review, they can receive notifications of language modifications of contract areas for which they are responsible.  Such changes can trigger notifications to clause owners for review.

    Rather than work with disparate contract versions, stakeholders can work concurrently within a centralized, web-enabled location – including MS Office 365 and Google Workspace integrations.  Stakeholders can receive configured email notifications of comments and applied changes to review within the centralized contract redlining location.  A highly secure contract redlining tool offered by a CLM software provider – that is SOC 1SOC 2, and HITRUST compliant – excludes external or extraneous counterparties from other areas of your contract software, virtually ensuring data protection.


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    A CLM Software Mobile App for On-the-Go Contract Management

    A user-friendly CLM software mobile app offers unparalleled contract lifecycle management efficiency by offering web-enabled contract management functionalities right in the palm of your hand.  A CLM software mobile app, available on Apple iOs and Android devices, enables you to fulfill web-enabled contract management tasks.  A user-friendly mobile interface can offer you robust CLM software features at the touch of a finger.

    A feature-rich mobile app can offer themes and color schemes that resemble a CLM software desktop experience with mobile-friendly responsiveness.  You can quickly access core CLM features with ease – all within a sleek and future-minded interface that helps you:


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    CobbleStone Contract Insight® for Remote Contract Management Success

    Take advantage of the benefits of web-enabled contract management software with CobbleStone Contract Insight, a leading CLM software suite, for robust and internationally agile remote contract management success.

    CobbleStone Contract Insight has remained a visionary leader in CLM software for over twenty years.  CobbleStone's award-winning and feature-rich contract management software streamlines the contract management process with optimal governance, reduced friction, and high flexibility from contract requests to renewals.  Thousands of contract managers trust CobbleStone Contract Insight as their go-to CLM software solution.  Moreover, CobbleStone Software - as a CLM software provider – is SOC 1, SOC 2, and HITRUST compliant.  CobbleStone's user-friendly, robust, and scalable solution seamlessly integrates with mission-critical applications, including MS Word and MS Outlook, for unified and seamless contract management.  It's no wonder why Forrester names CobbleStone a Leader in CLM software!


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    Published: 12/21/21
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