6 Reasons to Choose Contract Management Software Training

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    contract management software training

    Most leading contract management software is easy to set up, configure, and use, but completing training courses can take your expertise to the next level. Contract management software training can help you and your team become system experts, guiding you through each step in the process.  Training instructors inform users of the system’s usability at a much deeper level, ensuring you get the most out of your contract management software.  You may be familiar with contract clauses and templates, but leading contract management software has capabilities that some might consider to be endless opportunities.  Ensure you and your team are getting the most out of your software by signing up for expert-led software training. 

    “CobbleStone’s primary goal is to set our users up for success. Our experienced trainers lead our users through a framework of courses intended to impart best practices and proven use case scenarios.  We see a significant increase in knowledge of the system from our users after even just one training session.” – Matthew Friebis, Director of IT at CobbleStone Software

    From e-sourcing to public access portals, you and your team can learn to fully leverage the system during training sessions, curating a toolbox with everything you need to succeed on your own.  Here are 6 reasons why you should choose contract management software training for maximum results.

    1. Discover CLM Best Practices

    Generally, contract management training is run by software experts.  They can provide you and your team with insights on how to use the system to best meet your organization’s needs while incorporating contract lifecycle management (CLM) best practices.  Trained software professionals are equipped with the best tips and tricks to effectively use their software, resulting in a higher ROI for you.

    2. Increase Efficiency

    You and your team may be able to easily configure your system and set up contract workflows and alerts but doing it most efficiently may not be apparent to your organization’s system users.  Contract management software training guides you through each step in the process, allowing for time to take notes and work through steps with a guide, helping you understand the most efficient way to use system modules.

    3. Reduce Administrative and Technical Support Questions

    Sometimes unexpected circumstances arise, making you unsure of how to approach them.  Formal contract management training provides you with a user manual and experience with these situations, preparing you for any configuration needed in your system.

    4. Get Up and Running Faster Than Ever

    Leading contract management software should be easy to use.  However, to achieve the best results, it’s advised to utilize software experts to help ensure you have everything in place and ready to work as you intend it to.  CobbleStone’s contract management software, Contract Insight™, is completely configurable, providing organizations with thousands of options based on their system preferences.  Having an expert lead this process can help generate faster, better results.

    5. Discover New Updates and Features

    Your system may be due for an update, and maybe you haven’t gotten around to updating it because you haven’t had a chance to learn about new system features.  Scheduling training with a software expert can make time on your calendar to learn about ways to improve your contract management process and utilize new, advanced tools.

    Check out our blog post, “Contract Insight Version 17.3.0 is What You’ve Been Waiting For” to learn about CobbleStone’s advanced features and updates.

    6. Q & A Time for You and Your Team

    Often, a team member may have a question that no one in your organization knows the answer to.  Contract management software training gives team members a chance to collaborate on questions and hear from an expert source on the best solution.

    Training With CobbleStone Software

    CobbleStone offers full on-site and remote training options. Our training courses are instructor-led by our in-house software experts and include an agenda and user manual for you and your team to take notes and hold onto for future reference. 

    Training isn’t necessary to use CobbleStone’s Contract Insight Software but is recommended to achieve the most ROI. 

    CobbleStone clients find our training incredibly useful and feel they can do much more with our system once they have completed expert training.  Check out our blog post, “Implementor’s Story: Contract Workflows for Higher Education” to learn how one of Washington’s largest higher education institutions utilized contract management software training for contract workflow configurations.

    In addition to training upon request, CobbleStone is hosting a 2019 training series, “The Road to Contract Management and Procurement Success.”  This course has two different training offerings, depending on whether you’re new to CobbleStone or already a Contract Insight user.  Discover when we’ll be visiting your city next:

    Free Educational Seminar for interested professionals: Reserve my seat

    Contract Insight Group Training for current CobbleStone clients: Register today

    In addition to CobbleStone’s training offerings, online support and learning videos can assist in some cases, and step-by-step guides are often found in our blog.  Learn more about CobbleStone’s contract management software training offerings today.

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    Published: 02/15/19
    Rosemary Shields

    Written by Rosemary Shields

    Rosemary Shields is a Marketing Coordinator at CobbleStone Software.

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