CobbleStone Exhibits Health Care Supply Chain Automation at AHRMM19 Conference

By Rosemary Shields on 07/31/19

The Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management is hosting AHRMM19, its annual conference and exhibition, in San Diego, CA July 28-31, 2019.  The conference is a 3-day, information-packed learning experience for health care supply chain professionals, covering topics like strategic planning, logistics and distribution, professional development, and more.  The conference agenda includes “Learning Labs” with sessions like, “Developing Your Strategic Sourcing Toolkit: Types of RFx and When to Use Each,” and, “The Culture of Change: Necessary Steps to Implementing the Next Big Thing.” 

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New Release! Contract Insight® 17.3.1 – Everything You Need to Know

By Rosemary Shields on 07/30/19

CobbleStone’s new release, Contract Insight® Version 17.3.1 has arrived with many new features to enhance and improve your contract management system!  New features like CobbleStone’s Launch Pad Tiles, survey tools, and Google Drive integration will help you and your team become more organized and equipped with tools to succeed.  Discover what’s new with Contract Insight and get started today with better usability and governance over your CLM system.

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6 Advantages of On-Premise Contract Management Software Deployment

By Rosemary Shields on 07/29/19

While there's a lot of buzz around the advantages of cloud-based technology for CLM software, organizations should understand the benefits of choosing the primary method of hosting software, on-premise, in order to assess the advantages and come to a conclusion.  Both SaaS (Software as a Service) and on-premise deployment options are convenient in their own way, depending on what your organization is looking for.  In this post, I've uncovered the six biggest benefits of on-premise hosting for contract management software.

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Healthcare Contract Administration Ailments: Finding a Cure

By Maria Votlucka on 07/23/19

Hospitals, healthcare providers, and health systems are facing complex challenges around cost control, regulatory compliance (HIPAA, JCAHO, Stark Law regulations, Medicare billing rules, etc.), and operation and service efficiency.  In healthcare, successful contract management is critical for organizations managing hundreds or thousands of contracts covering different departments or facilities, and multiple vendors, providers, or agencies.  Mismanaged contracts can not only lead to increased costs, thinning margins, and lack of productivity; they can lead to compliance failures that result in reputation and accreditation issues.

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Should You Choose SaaS Deployment for Your CLM Software?

By Rosemary Shields on 07/19/19

The development of cloud-based technology has raised the question, “What are the benefits of a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution versus installing software directly on-premise?"

Contract management systems contain highly sensitive information, and organizations should make data security their top priority when selecting a deployment method for their CLM solution.  Many would argue that contract management SaaS is the ultimate deployment method for software because the data center upkeep duties are left to the provider rather than giving organizations one more solution to manage.  Others may want their IT team to retain control by managing hosting in-house.  While both approaches have up-sides to different organizations, SaaS has become the more popular option due to added benefits and most organizations are choosing to leave the responsibility to the software provider.  This article discusses the benefits of choosing a SaaS solution over on-premise and what you can expect from CobbleStone Software when selecting us to host your CLM software.

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World Congress 2019: See CobbleStone's Adaptive & Connected Contract Management Suite

By Maria Votlucka on 07/12/19

CobbleStone Software, the leader in contract management and eProcurement software, is exhibiting at NCMA's World Congress on July 28-31, 2019 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA.  This annual event is considered one of the largest industry gatherings with thousands of contract management, procurement, and acquisition professionals expected to attend.

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General Counsel's Open-and-Shut Case for Better Contract Management

By Maria Votlucka on 07/9/19

Business continues to accelerate globally.  The resulting rapidly shifting regulatory environment generates increased risk along with more opportunities, propelling organizations to rely on contracts more heavily to protect business interests and assets.  General Counsel and legal teams have a chance to create a new perception of the legal department that moves away from the appearance of a cost center for the organization to the forefront of organizational strategy by leveraging contracts as a growth driver. 

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Engineer a Vendor Performance Management Process You Love

By Maria Votlucka on 07/2/19

When examining successful organizations, youll likely find that they have mastered vendor management.  What does vendor management mastery look like?  Effective vendor management drives value from contracts, nurtures long-term relationships, and is repeatable for organizations managing as many as thousands of different vendors.  The strategy behind sound vendor management is to evaluate vendor performance over time, in core areas, including vendor reliability, vendor quality, vendor cost structures, and more granular areas based on your industry.  This article addresses the critical need for better vendor management by outlining vendor performance management best practices.  

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CobbleStone Software Blog Recap for June 2019

By Rosemary Shields on 07/1/19


Did you miss any of our blog posts from June?  Don’t worry, we’ve outlined each of them for you.  Stay up-to-date with industry topics, real-world case studies, and contract management best practices by reading CobbleStone’s latest content. 

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