5 Procurement Contract Management Best Practices to Blast Off in 2022

By Sean Heck on 02/28/22

Recent developments in procurement process digital transformation have made it more possible than ever to streamline procurement contract management processes and blast off into the sky to robust procurement and contract management software processes.  As such - if your organization is leveraging outdated procurement tools such as disparate spreadsheets, manual filing cabinets, a basic contract database, limited bid outreach, manually collecting bid responses via email, bottleneck-prone procurement contract management task management, disparate vendor management via emails, and others - you could suffer from failure to launch.  Luckily, you can leverage a one-stop-shop solution for the processes mentioned above and more.  To prepare for takeoff into positively transforming your strategy, here are five procurement contract management best practices to navigate 2022 and beyond with increased governance, procurement centralization, and ROI.

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Contract Management Reports for Robust CLM Data Analytics Oversight

By Joshua Hansen on 02/23/22

Tracking contract management data with manual and disparate processes throughout the contract lifecycle can prove challenging.  Without readily accessible contract management reports for contract financials, workflows, budgets, KPIs, vendors, compliance, and other essential contract metadata, you can waste time and energy.  Fortunately, leading contract management software can provide you with contract management reports for robust source-to-contract lifecycle management oversight.

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5 Ways Contract AI Can Automate Contract Lifecycle Management in 2022

By Sean Heck on 02/17/22

As we navigate 2022, it is clear that contract artificial intelligence - or contract AI - is sharpening contract management software practices and broader legal operations in significant ways.  How exactly can your organization leverage contract intelligence to automate and streamline contract lifecycle management?  Read on to learn five ways contract AI is positively transforming contract lifecycle management operations in 2022.

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IntelliSign® eSignatures Streamline Remote Contract Collaboration

By Sean Heck on 02/14/22

As digitization continues to transform the workplace and working remotely is more commonplace, contract management professionals in a myriad of industries need the right digital tools to keep contract management, procurement, and sourcing operations running smoothly. Read on to learn how IntelliSign® electronic signatures within CobbleStone Contract Insight®  contract management software, can streamline your contract collaboration and signing processes in the office and on the go.

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Contract Workflows - The Parts of Your Contract Software Symphony

By Sean Heck on 02/11/22

It's showtime, conductor.  You have just taken the metaphorical stage, grabbed your baton, and you are ready to conduct a contract management software symphony with a harmonious contract workflow process.  But how can you leverage contract workflow automation tools to make sure your CLM concerto is streamlined and simplified in a manner that is pleasing to the ear?  Read on to find out!

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The Contract Management Suite - Your 5-Star CLM Software Experience

By Sean Heck on 02/9/22

After dealing with exhausting manual contract management software best practices, you are searching online for a pleasant, relaxing stay in a contract management suite.  There are many leading contract management software platforms out there, but only leading solutions offer the amenities you need to kick back and enjoy improved legal operations.  To virtually ensure you have the best possible CLM experience, here are the amenities you should look for in your contract management suite.

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CobbleStone Software Blog Recap for January 2022

By Joshua Hansen on 02/8/22

Did you miss any of our blog posts from January?  Don't worry; we have outlined each of them for you.  Stay up-to-date with industry topics, real-world case studies, and contract management and procurement best practices in February by reading the latest CobbleStone® content.

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The 2022 CobbleStone® “Roadshow” – Launch Into the Future of CLM!

By Tyler Holzer on 02/4/22

The CobbleStone "Roadshow"* is coming to a computer near you this year!  These masterclass and CobbleStone Contract Insight training events - Launch Into The Future Of Contract Management - are offered to help CobbleStone users optimize their contract management software and eProcurement procedures while offering non-CobbleStone users an immersive, preliminary venture into CobbleStone Contract Insight®.  Read on to discover what attendees can anticipate at The 2022 CobbleStone Contract Management "Roadshow."

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Optimize Contract Creation Management in 3 Steps

By Joshua Hansen on 02/3/22

Contract creation management plays a vital role in the contract lifecycle, where contract contributors band together to form a cohesive contract.  However - inefficient contract creation management can stem from unorganized contract templates, obsolete contract language, and subcontracts divorced from original contract versions.  Read on to discover how leading contract management software can help streamline contract creation management in three steps.

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New CobbleStone Contract Insight® Contract Management Software Wiki!

By Adam Widmeier on 02/1/22

The CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki Has Moved!

The CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki has been drastically refreshed to provide a unique and conducive experience across contract management software system areas!  Here at CobbleStone, we are incredibly excited to introduce users to a contract management software Wiki to quickly address their contract lifecycle management software needs.  Whether you have been using CobbleStone® as your go-to contract software solution for days, weeks, months, or even years, there's a good chance that you are not familiar with every single detail the system has to offer.  Luckily, the new CobbleStone Contract Insight Wiki can allow you to follow along for a more streamlined and visually-engaging learning experience - complete with visual examples and walkthroughs.  Read on to learn how to navigate the new CobbleStone Contract Insight Documentation Wiki with ease!

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