Better HR Management: Easy Employee Policy Tracking with CobbleStone

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    CobbleStone Software simplifies employee policy tracking.

    Proper CLM software with built-in employee policy management tools can streamline mass acknowledgments initiated by human resources professionals for greater organization-wide awareness of crucial information.  Learn how your organization’s HR personnel can efficiently send out mass acknowledgments and help employees stay aware of pertinent information with CobbleStone Software’s celebrated contract management software solution.  Read this helpful blog – written by CobbleStone Software’s very own HR Administrator, Elicia Neumann.

    In the human resources industry, there is a constant need for us to continuously update our staff about ever-changing information pertaining to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other organizational events, changes, requirements, and regulations.  Furthermore, a need has emerged for organizations to support web-based employee onboarding processes.  As an HR administrator, I have streamlined and automated these processes with CobbleStone’s mass acknowledgment tool.  This future-minded functionality has been instrumental in simplifying how I send information to our CobbleStone Software staff quickly and seamlessly.

    The Problem With Manual Mass Acknowledgments for HR Professionals

    In the early months of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the State of New Jersey began rolling out weekly updates to the list of states that required two-week quarantines upon entry into another state or return to New Jersey.  At this time, I was tasked with composing emails about each of those list updates and sending them with a priority reminder for the staff to reply - acknowledging that they had read and understood the email.  The same process applied to employee onboarding procedures.

    For seventeen weeks, I endured the tedious and inefficient process of:

    1. sending emails to staff.
    2. manually tracking and saving individual replies.
    3. checking to ensure that each member of my staff was reading, acknowledging, and replying to these emails.

    Naturally, the process cluttered my inbox,  was time-consuming and error-prone.  As an ever-increasing wave of crucial updates to send out for acknowledgment grew larger - and virtual employee onboarding processes needed to run smoothly - I knew that I would require a more rapid, centralized, organized, efficient, and user-friendly way to track mass acknowledgments.  Luckily, I had CobbleStone Software.

    The Solution: CobbleStone Software Employee Policy Management

    Just when I needed it most, CobbleStone Software’s robust CLM platform came to the plate to strengthen my process – and it continues to do so to this day as we navigate a new society that has been forever changed by the need for remote work CobbleStone Software offers a top-of-the-line HR management functionality to simplify and automate the distribution and tracking of mass acknowledgments.  Here’s how it works.

    Upon entering CobbleStone Software’s powerful contract management platform, I can send updates to the team from one centralized location using an intelligent, automated process.  No longer am I bogged down by disjointed, manually tracked email replies.

    The process is user-friendly and quick.  First off, the HR management interface is highly configurable – so I can create my own template for the information that I need from my staff.  From there, I can decide whether or not I would like to require a secure pin for a given template – enhancing user permissionsAfter that, I can easily merge field data for a specific mass acknowledgment with my template, title the mass acknowledgment, and restrict the acknowledgment from being sent to unnecessary personnel.

    Finally, relevant staff members receive my email to perform an acknowledgment.  A staff member is prompted with an “Approve Documents” link that takes them to view/review the document and approve it once it is read and understood.

    On the post-approval end, I can leverage an automated, user-friendly reporting tool that allows me to see who has and has not acknowledged the document.  These reports can be saved to employee records for even more enhanced and centralized acknowledgment tracking.

    Thankfully – with CobbleStone - I went from furiously sending acknowledgments and chasing responses to utilizing a system for proactive, rapid, and user-friendly HR management system for employee policy tracking.

    Automate & Expedite Mass Acknowledgments With CobbleStone Software

    The management of mass acknowledgments is too important to leave room for error.  If you are working in HR management, you cannot afford to rely on a system that requires you to save and track dozens or hundreds of emails per week – waiting for mass acknowledgment approval and manually keeping track of who did and did not approve.  You need a software system that equips you with scalable contract lifecycle management with built-in employee policy tracking from one centralized location for advanced tracking, easy reporting, and seamless integration between acknowledgments and employee records.  The leading solution that you need is CobbleStone Software’s Contract Insight®.

    Contract Insight provides a platform for future-minded, unified, process-oriented, configurable, and low friction contract and policy software for HR professionals.  CobbleStone’s robust HR management system transforms the way you oversee mass acknowledgments and other critical HR administration tasks.

    Better HR management is just a scratch at the surface of all you can do with CobbleStone Software.  CobbleStone has been a leader in providing enterprise contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing software solutions since the mid-1990s and is trusted by thousands of leading organizations from ranging industries.  CobbleStone’s Contract Insight contract management software suite provides contract and vendor tracking, configurable email alerts, calendar notifications, contract workflow management, robust security options, speedy contract authoring with the merging of contracts and templates with dynamic clauses, revenue/cost management, full-text indexing and searching, vendor/client ratings, document version control, custom reports, IntelliSign® electronic signatures, smarter contracts with VISDOM® artificial intelligence and machine learning, and more.

    Take control of employee policy management and other critical processes today by booking a free demo of Contract Insight!

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    Published: 01/13/21
    Elicia Neumann

    Written by Elicia Neumann

    Elicia Neumann is HR Administrator/Office Manager at CobbleStone Software

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