CobbleStone Contract Insight® 17.10.0: Empower Legal Ops for a New Era

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    CobbleStone Software introduces CobbleStone Contract Insight® Version 17.10.0.

    CobbleStone Software's next software generation – CobbleStone Contract Insight® Enterprise Version 17.10.0 – has arrived, introducing next-level CLM features and enhancements to bring your contract management software suite even further into the new era of legal operations!

    To assist your organization with successfully meeting and exceeding goals for future-minded and more streamlined contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing processes, advanced new features and enhancements have been included with CobbleStone Contract Insight for a splendidly low-friction, user-friendly, and highly configurable contract software experience.  Such valuable CLM tools include:

    • powerful oversight of online document editing processes for third-party negotiations and more.
    • advanced workflow automation with mergeable templates for notifications and alerts.
    • next-level workflow status oversight at a glance with CobbleStone calendars.
    • rules-based, automated creation of new records from contract request records.
    • configurable metadata migration from one CobbleStone® system to another.
    • robust files and attachments oversight with the ability to copy file folders and data from an existing record to a new one.
    • future-minded field configuration options, including the ability to easily include a mission critical field in all associated record types.
    • excellent ad hoc report oversight with the ability to include a broad pool of necessary employees.
    • unified and streamlined vendor management operations.

    This list is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0.  Let's get more specific regarding how you can leverage CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0 to immerse yourself in legal operations digital transformation!

    Online Contract Negotiations Collaboration With Third-party Approvers

    CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0 offers next-level online contract negotiations collaboration both internally and with your third-party contract approval personnel!

    Per your team's rules-based, configured eApproval process, the contract approver you assign can be sent an automated email to commence the collaboration and approval process on the CobbleStone® Document Collaboration Gateway.  Assigned third-party contract approvers can then leverage CobbleStone's state-of-the-art online document editor interface to preview, edit, or modify documents on the E-Approval gateway for optimized contract negotiations

    CobbleStone Software offers an online document editor on the eApproval Gateway.

    Documents that approvers are editing online on the E-Approval Gateway are "checked out" so that your organization's relevant users cannot interact with the approver's version while they are editing (though system admins can check into "checked out" documents if necessary from a contract negotiation dashboard).

    CobbleStone Software offers a user-friendly action toolbox for the eApproval Gateway.

    Once the approver is finished with their edits, they can easily approve of the document!

    CobbleStone Software eApproval Gateway supports rapid approvals.

    Once the negotiator approves the document, the file is saved as a new version for your team to approve of or edit - streamlining and centralizing the negotiation collaboration process.

    Advanced Document Template Administration

    Your contract management team can significantly streamline contract authoring administration with the ability to add new options to enable default documents to your pre-approved template library!

    Users can introduce mission-critical documents to their mergeable template library easily within their trusted contract management software system with the "Add New Document" button. 

    CobbleStone Software users can easily add new documents to a template.

    With the option to "Add New Document," your users can leverage flexible options such as:

    • create and edit a web-based document.
    • import documents from the cloud.
    • upload document files from their computer.
    • utilize the CobbleStone Document Builder.

    CobbleStone Software users can add a variety of files types to their templates.

    Workflow Automation Excellence With Robust Notifications & Alerts

    CobbleStone Contract Insight continues to streamline and centralize contract workflow automation and task awareness for expedited and thorough contract lifecycle management!

    CobbleStone offers robust configuration options for workflow tasks and assignments related to contracts and committals, employees and users, purchase orders, requests, procurements and solicitations, and vendors and customers.

    Templates can be created and utilized to automate workflow notifications and alerts with flexible configuration options!  The creation of a new notification template allows users to perform tasks such as:

    • update the image used in the automated workflow email's header for a branded user experience.
    • leverage Rich Text Format to configure the body of the workflow email for a personalized experience.
    • leverage pre-approved, mergeable fields for the subject and body of the email to streamline contract workflow automation processes.
    • configure subtables to show in the body of the workflow email for a centralized workflow process.
    • and configure which links and action buttons are available on the workflow email to streamline the performance of actions needed for a contract workflow.

    Contract management resources involved in a task can enjoy an easily-navigable and user-friendly contract management task alert experience!

    CobbleStone Software offers configurable and engaging automated workflow task alerts by email.

    Workflow Status at a Glance With CobbleStone Calendars

    CobbleStone calendars within CobbleStone Contract Insight provide your team with contract workflow tasks and statuses at a glance for improved contract oversight and accountability!

    CobbleStone Software offers a visually engaging user calendar.

    The calendar schedule can display a calendar by day, week, or month (highlighted in red) - depending on your contract workflow oversight needs. 

    CobbleStone calendar

    Important, centralized record pages can be filtered by status (All, All Active, Awaiting Execution, etc.) and navigated via record tabs, such as:

    • contract records.
    • contract tasks.
    • request tasks.
    • purchase order tasks.
    • solicitation records.
    • solicitation tasks.
    • vendor and customer tasks.
    • employee tasks.

    CobbleStone Software calendar offers easily navigable record type tabs.

    Calendars can also be easily exported as leading, familiar calendar formats such as .VCS and .ICS!

    You can export your calendar from CobbleStone Contract Insight.

    Seamless Creation of New Records From Existing Contract Request Pages

    Your team can leverage existing contract request records to seamlessly automate the subsequent creation of new records such as:

    • contract records.
    • solicitation records.
    • purchase order records.
    • vendor/customer records.
    • employee records.

    Your users can configure rules-based conditions to automate the creation of the aforementioned records from a request!

    Configuration Migration Between CobbleStone Environments

    Your organization can copy configuration areas from one CobbleStone Contract Insight system to another for incredibly streamlined configuration migration and process centralization!

    CobbleStone Contract Insight system admins can leverage data configuration scripts to copy important data between systems, such as:

    • contract workflows.
    • ad hoc reports.
    • user-defined reports.
    • standard dashboards.
    • executive graphical dashboards.
    • records and data for contracts, requests, purchase orders, solicitations/eSourcing, vendors/customers, employees, and more.

    Robust Document Management Mapping Between Records

    Mapping files and attachments from an existing record to a new record has never been easier thanks to the state-of-the-art field mapper tool in CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0!

    To streamline the process of seamlessly creating a new record as a copy of an existing record, your users no longer need to worry about tediously importing necessary files and attachments and folders when you already did so on the original record!  Your system users with permission can virtually effortlessly configure the system so that files and attachments and their corresponding folders can easily be included when creating new records as a copy, including:

    • contracts.
    • requests.
    • purchase orders.
    • solicitations.
    • vendors/customers.

    As can be seen, files and folders are both included when copying a record page!

    CobbleStone Software users can copy files and attachments to a cloned record.

    Automate your the creation of your critical record pages with CobbleStone's remarkably expedited document management interface!

    Make Key Data Fields Available on All Associated Record Types

    Do you have any mission-critical data fields that you would prefer available on records for contracts, requests, purchase orders, solicitations, vendors/customers, or employees?  CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0 has you covered.

    In your system's "Manage Fields" page, key data fields can be assigned to all associated record types!  You can see the button for this when you edit a particular field.

    CobbleStone Software users can assign a mission-critical data field to all record types.

    With CobbleStone, you don't need to waste time applying a crucial data field to your system's record types individually.  You can instead streamline your contract data management process for a greater contract management software ROI!

    Centralized & Robust Contract Management Ad Hoc Reports

    CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0 users can easily include necessary stakeholders for a centralized and involved contract management ad hoc report oversight experience!

    Your CobbleStone system administrators can assign individual employees and user groups and security groups to robust and data driven ad hoc reports.  As such, various key users involved in the contract lifecycle can experience enhanced contract analytics for future-minded contract processes!

    Robust Configuration of Enhanced Vendor Communications

    You can configure your vendors' experience to foster the sharing of mission-critical contract management files and attachments on the CobbleStone Vendor Gateway!

    You can configure your system so that associated vendors registering on the CobbleStone Vendor Gateway have the ability to include key contract management documents and files along with their seamless registration. 

    CobbleStone Software allows vendors to easily attach files and documents during vendor registration.

    As such, you can leverage CobbleStone for a state-of-the-art vendor management software experience!

    Explore These Features & Many More!

    In addition to the user-friendly, scalable, and robust tools mentioned above, CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0 also offers:

    • a robust and holistic view of vendor records.
    • simplified contract subtable mapping and navigation.
    • maximized application maintenance oversight with the ability to restrict user access to the system for maintenance.
    • if licensed, configured SMS messages to users and vendors for multi-factor authentication and task notifications.
    • and much more!

    Get Started with CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0!

    Contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, eSourcing, and a vast array of other industry-leading business professionals need to be equipped with the right tools to succeed in the management of contracts, requests, vendors, and other key aspects of source-to-contract management.  Get started with CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0 to immerse yourself in exciting new features and innovations that CobbleStone offers for CLM prosperity!  Contact your Account Rep today to discover CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0's new functionality and to review licensing options.

    With constant innovation based on clients' ranging needs, it's no wonder CobbleStone is so widely acclaimed named a Leader in CLM software by Forrester!

    Are you considering CobbleStone Software and like what you see above?  Book your free demo today!

    CobbleStone Vendor Management Software Demo

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    Published: 11/3/21
    Sean Heck

    Written by Sean Heck

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