Here’s How CobbleStone Software Helped Transform CLM in 2021

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    CobbleStone Software helped transform CLM in 2021 with record-breaking growth.

    CobbleStone Software is proud to share that we have helped transform contract lifecycle management processes in 2021 in numerous ways – and we have experienced record-breaking growth this past year.  From expanding our client base and partner network to bringing leading contract management software innovations and more, here are some noteworthy CobbleStone® achievements from 2021.

    We Hosted an Educational Contract Management Masterclass Series

    CobbleStone hosted the annual 2021 CobbleStone Contract Management "Roadshow." This event was offered to CobbleStone Contract Insight® users as a robust contract management software group training webinar and to prospective clients as an educational contract management webinar masterclass.  These contract management webinar sessions were hosted from August 27th, 2021, to December 17th, 2021. 

    The 2021 CobbleStone "Roadshow" was a great success for CobbleStone users and prospective users alike – offering tremendous educational value for all attendees to help strengthen contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing processes.  Be on the lookout for information about next year's Roadshow!

    We Hosted Our CobbleStone 2021 Virtual User Conference

    On January 20th and January 21st, CobbleStone hosted its virtual 2021 user conference!  The event was initially scheduled to take place in person in Austin, Texas, October 7th-9th, 2020 – but CobbleStone seamlessly transitioned the event in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions while retaining maximum value for attendees.  The event offered in-depth contract management software training for CobbleStone users and insightful software demonstrations for prospective CobbleStone users led by CobbleStone Contract Insight experts.

    The CobbleStone team offered attendees an engaging virtual experience for contract management, eProcurement, and legal professionals.  The event featured breakout sessions, Q&A, keynote speakers, product updates, interactive software demonstrations, system best practices, and much more.  The highly anticipated learning event also offered unparalleled insight into CobbleStone Contract Insight functionalities to support seasoned and new users alike.

    The virtual conference sessions covered topics ranging from leveraging contract intelligence to understanding the foundations of CobbleStone Contract Insight.  Attendees gleaned new insights to apply their findings to optimize contract lifecycle management and to increase their organizations' ROI and overall success.

    Download Free “Mastering Contract Management” Whitepaper

    We Released New Versions, Features, & Enhancements

    CobbleStone released numerous new versions, features, and enhancements in 2021 to automate and simplify contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing processes in the age of digital transformation.

    CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.8.0

    The release of CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise Version 17.8.0 started off the year's releases strong with user-friendly features that include:

    • simplified document management with a powerful document library complete with drag-and-drop functionality and key data at a glance to decrease the need for tedious browsing.
    • enhanced quick search functionality with the eye-grabbing display of key data around a search term found within a contract document - providing context to the term without the need to download documents.
    • maximized vendor management with vendor surveys that control for bias, as well as simplified and diversified vendor rating and scoring.
    • a powerfully user-friendly and secure vendor gateway - including the ability to configure more secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) processes.
    • CobbleStone's PC Helper App for MS Word and PC Helper App for MS Outlook for an even more seamless, robust, and connected CobbleStone Contract Insight and desktop MS Office experience.

    CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.9.0

    The release of CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise Version 17.9.0 brought the CLM features and innovations of tomorrow to the forefront with functionality such as:

    • seamless, low-friction document editing with the ability to conveniently create, import, and edit documents (in both .docx and PDF formats) within the system on a user-friendly, in-application online document editor with a familiar document processing format.
    • searching enhancements with CobbleStone's in-app Search Engine that quickly displays files, records, tables, and sub tables where a given search term can be found with linked saved searches and search history.
    • centralized user permissions oversight.
    • expanded options for IntelliSign® electronic signature processes.

    CobbleStone Contract Insight 17.10.0

    The release of CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise Version 17.10.0 brought features that empower legal operations for the new era, including:

    • a native contract document editing tool for easily creating new documents from record pages, quickly importing documents to record information pages, and seamlessly editing documents from a record page with essentially no friction and a familiar editing interface.
    • advanced contract workflow automation with mergeable templates for stylish and configurable notifications and alerts.
    • CobbleStone calendars for holistic CLM oversight at a glance.
    • robust files and attachments oversight for copying file folders and data from an existing record to a new one.
    • future-minded field configuration options.
    • advanced configuration migration from one CobbleStone system to another.
    • excellent ad hoc report processes with the ability to include a broad pool of necessary employees.
    • even more robust vendor management operations.

    We Introduced User-Friendly App Integrations & Connectors

    CobbleStone Software introduced and enhanced numerous seamless, user-friendly, and mission-critical application integrations and connectors.

    CobbleStone & MS Office 365

    CobbleStone's connector with Microsoft OneDrive – the online file hosting service offered through MS Office 365 – adds to its robust pool of preexisting integration options.  This seamless connector between MS Office 365 and CobbleStone Contract Insight supports concurrent, web-enabled document editing with relevant stakeholders – streamlining contract collaboration with reduced friction.  Users can enjoy automated online collaboration when working with multiple stakeholders worldwide.

    To read more about CobbleStone's MS Office 365 connector and experience a step-by-step guide, click here!

    *Please note: to utilize the CobbleStone - MS OneDrive connector, the user must have appropriate licensing and permissions.

    CobbleStone & Google Workspace

    CobbleStone's connector with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) includes Google Docs and supports a concurrent document management and online document editing experience.  This connector with Google Drive allows for concurrent and cloud-based document editing – resulting in a streamlined contract workflow automation experience with refreshingly low friction, especially when collaborating with multiple stakeholders.

    To read more about CobbleStone's Google Workspace connector and experience a step-by-step guide, click here!

    *Please note: to utilize the CobbleStone - GoogleDrive connector, the user must have appropriate licensing and permissions.

    CobbleStone Software MS Azure Single Sign-on Connector

    In 2021, CobbleStone also introduced a single sign-on (SSO) connector for MS Azure on the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace.

    This CobbleStone Azure AD single sign-on SSO connector increases productivity, helps with adherence to password policies, and simplifies MFA (multi-factor authentication) login procedures.  The SSO connector can decrease the threat of untimely termination and identity decommissioning by reducing "identity sprawl" so organizations can hold one identity in multiple applications per user.  This centralized MFA process minimizes the success of phishing attacks against CobbleStone Software users due to password reuse or social engineering.

    The single sign-on (SSO) add-on is complimentary to CobbleStone Contract Insight users that have purchased and licensed CobbleStone Contract Insight on the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace who have MS Azure AD licenses issued by and purchased separately through Microsoft.

    Click here if you are a current CobbleStone user looking to enjoy this SSO connector!

    Interested in CobbleStone?  Click here to learn more about CobbleStone Contract Insight on the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace!

    CobbleStone Joined the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program

    CobbleStone announced that it joined the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program.  CobbleStone seamlessly integrates HubSpot users' contacts and leads with CobbleStone Contract Insight to enable organizations from ranging industries to draft, negotiate, sign, approve, track, and renew contracts in one central location.  Those utilizing this low-friction integration between CobbleStone and HubSpot can experience contract lifecycle automation with a vast array of CLM tools to increase oversight of the contract lifecycle.  Various industry professionals can shorten and simplify the path from lead acquisition in HubSpot to contract execution and post-award contract lifecycle management with CobbleStone.  To learn more, read this press release.

    CobbleStone Has Partnered With Workato for Robust Integration Options

    CobbleStone announced its partnership with Workato.  While CobbleStone seamlessly integrates with various software applications, CobbleStone's partnership with Workato supports increased software integration options - resulting in a streamlined workflow with decreased friction.  This partnership further solidifies CobbleStone's steadfast dedication to providing a highly configurable contract management software experience that prioritizes increasing workflow efficiency and efficacy.  To learn more, read this press release.

    We Achieved Advanced Security Attestations & Credentials

    CobbleStone in 2021 has achieved various attestations and credentials to increase our clients' confidence in our contract lifecycle management software platform's security and safety.

    In 2021, CobbleStone announced its certification with the Privacy Shield Framework for increased data protection and security compliance for CobbleStone Contract Insight.

    The EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks were designed by the United States Department of Commerce – in collaboration with the European Commission and Swiss Administration, respectively - to furnish organizations on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with a means of complying with data protection requirements when transferring personal data from Switzerland and the European Union to the United States in support of transatlantic commerce processes.  Given that CobbleStone supports the ever-changing source-to-contract management software needs of thousands of organizations from around the world, it is crucial that CobbleStone complies with ranging data protection requirements and privacy regulations.  CobbleStone is thrilled to continuously increase clients' security and confidence in CobbleStone Contract Insight.

    CobbleStone - as a provider -  is also SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant for optimal security.  Organizations can also maintain and track HIPAA compliance, HITRUST compliance, Sunshine Act compliance, and nearly countless other industry-relevant compliance standards and regulations.

    We Received Numerous Awards & Recognitions

    CobbleStone has always worked tirelessly to improve organizations' contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing process – and this was continuously recognized in 2021 with numerous awards and recognitions!

    CobbleStone Recognized As a Leader by Forrester Research, Inc. 

    CobbleStone was recognized as a Leader by Forrester Research, Inc. in Forrester's report, titled "The Forrester Wave™: Contract Lifecycle Management For All Contracts, Q1 2021." Forrester is a leading-edge global research and advisory firm that brings guidance about the existing and potential impacts of technology to its clients and the general public.  Forrester evaluated 11 contract lifecycle management software providers for this Q1 2021 report and CobbleStone Contract Insight was named a Leader – the highest-ranking of the four categories; Leader, Strong Performer, Contender, and Challenger.  Furthermore, CobbleStone received the highest scores possible in 13 criteria, including:

    • Contract Approval
    • Contract Negotiation With External Parties
    • Contract Process Analysis
    • Existing & Third-Party Contract Support
    • Scalability & Security
    • Mobile Support
    • Integration
    • Updates To Terms & Conditions Library
    • Vendor Support
    • Buy-Side Contracts
    • Partner Ecosystem
    • Performance & Financial Position
    • Commercial Model


    CobbleStone Named As One of the Best Workplaces of the Year

    CobbleStone was awarded among the 50 Best Workplaces of the Year by The Silicon Review.  This momentous honor demonstrates CobbleStone's dedication to attracting and retaining industry talent that contributes to its long-term growth as an industry-leading contract lifecycle management software provider.  In an interview with Mark Nastasi, Executive Vice President and Founder of CobbleStone Software, The Silicon Review states that "when it comes to longevity, CobbleStone Software has it.  [We] find it unique that an organization has what it takes to continue to offer outstanding software solutions for nearly three decades." To read Silicon Review's interview with Mark Nastasi, click here.

    CobbleStone Named Among Best Contract Management Software Companies

    CobbleStone was recognized by in their article "Best Contract Management Software Companies of 2021." is an internet publication that helps ranging business leaders find the right tools to take their organizations to the next level by providing reviews and comparisons of the best products, services, and software for their needs.'s reviews resulted from over 40 hours of research on 90+ contract management software platforms from across the internet.  CobbleStone is honored to have been recognized by contract management software users across the web for its robust, award-winning CLM platform.  To learn more about CobbleStone's recognition by, click here. recognized CobbleStone again as a top pick in a separate review - The Best Contract Lifecycle Management Software of 2021.  To learn more about this recognition, click here.

    CobbleStone Ranked Top 3 in Contract Lifecycle Management Report

    CobbleStone was named a winner in the Georgia Daily Report's eleventh annual "Best of" survey – published by ALM Media.  CobbleStone was listed as one of the three top-ranking organizations honored in the Contract Lifecycle Management category.  The report states that CobbleStone Software users can "see contract risk from a mile away" with visibility provided by CobbleStone Contract Insight.  To learn more, click here.

    CobbleStone Ranked Among Top 10 Finance Solution Providers

    CobbleStone was recognized in Mirror Review Magazine's magazine issue, "The 10 Most Acknowledged Finance Solution Providers, 2021." The purpose of the magazine issue was to highlight finance organizations that have performed exceptionally well for their ranging customer bases.  The finance industry has encountered myriad transformations.  However, CobbleStone has successfully embraced legal ops digital transformation – bringing easier and a more robust contract administration experience to organizations around the globe.  CobbleStone is proud to be recognized among the very best by Mirror Review.  To read CobbleStone's profile for Mirror Review's "The 10 Most Acknowledged Finance Solution Providers, 2021," click here.

    CobbleStone Named Major Player in IDC Marketscape Report

    CobbleStone was recognized as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape Report: Worldwide Contract Life-Cycle Management Software for Corporate Legal 2021 Vendor Assessment (doc # US46965921, November 2021).  IDC MarketScape's vendor assessment model was created to provide an overview of the "competitive fitness" of ICT (information and communications technology) providers in a given market or industry.  IDC's research methodology leverages a rigorous scoring methodology based on qualitative and quantitative criteria.  CobbleStone is honored to have been recognized as a Major Player in IDC's trusted assessment.  To access IDC's report, click here.

    CobbleStone Named As a Best Contract Management Software Provider

    CobbleStone was recognized by 99Firms as a best contract management software provider in a review of CobbleStone Contract Insight.  99Firms recognizes CobbleStone Contract Insight for its user-friendly interface, proprietary data extraction tool - VISDOM® AI and machine learning, robust configuration and flexibility, electronic signature and digital signature tool – IntelliSign®, an impressive selection of third-party integrations, and availability as a SaaS (web-enabled) or on-premise (deployed) solution.  99Firms describes CobbleStone as such:

    "CobbleStone leaves spreadsheet-based contract management in the past.  Not only that, but it also gives its competitors some food for thought by offering an intuitive AI-based solution with automated workflows, contract templates, and a variety of third-party integrations.  The company's product offering doesn't end there; the CobbleStone contract management system also offers one of the best procurement solutions…according to users, [CobbleStone Contract Insight] brings contract management to the next level."

    To read 99Firms' review of CobbleStone Contract Insight, click here.

    We Have Fostered Partnerships, Memberships, and Business Relationships

    CobbleStone fostered partnerships, memberships, and business relationships in 2021 to capitalize on their strength as a provider and enhance the user experiences of their loyal customer base.

    CobbleStone Has Partnered With Unanet for Streamlined Contract Management

    CobbleStone announced its partnership with Unanet so that organizations can centralize their contract lifecycle management and ERP processes.  This partnership helps users enjoy more streamlined processes, decreased risk, less wasted time, increased ROI, and greater opportunity realization - while amalgamating mission-critical processes.  To see CobbleStone's partner profile, click here.

    CobbleStone Has Partnered With DocJuris to Enhance Contract Negotiations

    CobbleStone announced its partnership with DocJuris - a contract negotiation software provider that automates and optimizes contract redlining for complex and low-risk contracts.  While CobbleStone offers its robust contract management software for contract negotiations, its partnership with DocJuris allows CobbleStone Contract Insight users to work symbiotically with centralized document oversight and minimal friction.  DocJuris and CobbleStone users can leverage a seamlessly connected platform that offers web-based contract negotiations and powerful contract lifecycle management functionalities.  To learn more, read this press release.

    CobbleStone Has Partnered With Brightleaf Solutions, LLC

    CobbleStone announced its partnership with Brightleaf Solutions, LLC.  Brightleaf provides data extraction services to intelligently extract information from customers' contracts with proprietary semantic intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) technology.  Brightleaf also utilizes its team of lawyers to check the output for accuracy – as well as a Six-Sigma process to deliver remarkably accurate, critical contract data extraction.  CobbleStone Contract Insight users can leverage CobbleStone with Brightleaf to significantly streamline data extraction and – consequently – CLM implementation.  To learn more, read this press release.

    CobbleStone Has Announced Membership With Unified Patents, LLC

    CobbleStone announced its membership with Unified Patents, LLC – a worldwide membership organization that seeks to enhance patent quality and deter instances of unsubstantiated or invalid patent assertions.  CobbleStone's membership with Unified Patents is meant to help support the community for proper IP protection for CobbleStone's plethora of clients.  To learn more, read this press release.

    CobbleStone Has Partnered With Paralegals Connect To Support Legal Ops

    CobbleStone announced its affiliate partnership with Paralegals Connect.  Paralegals Connect is an international paralegal organization whose mission is to connect the present and future paralegals worldwide.  Paralegals Connect seeks to provide valuable information and support to succeed in the legal industry.  This partnership is meant to provide Paralegals Connect groups with the best contract management software tools on the market.  To learn more, read this press release.

    CobbleStone Has Partnered With Logixal Inc. To Support BFSI Industry

    CobbleStone announced its partnership with Logixal Inc. Logixal is a worldwide technical services provider that specializes in software implementation, data integration, and data services as they apply to the eCommerce and banking industry.  Since CobbleStone Contract Insight can positively transform organizations with state-of-the-art financial data management tools, this partnership is meant to help provide contract management professionals within the BFSI industry – as well as many other industries – with state-of-the-art resources to optimize and streamline financial tracking, financial contract management, and much more.  To learn more, read this press release.

    CobbleStone Has Announced Membership With LOT

    CobbleStone announced its membership with LOT Network.  LOT is a nonprofit organization that seeks to protect organizations against costly patent assertion entity (PAE, or "patent troll") litigation.  LOT Network members agree that if, and only if, their patents fall into the hands of a PAE, they will grant other members a license – thereby effectively immunizing them against a PAE lawsuit using those patents.  CobbleStone joined LOT to help ensure that their leading contract management software technology is protected from patent assertion entities.  To learn more, read this press release.

    CobbleStone Has Partnered With Stellar Services To Extend CLM Offering

    CobbleStone announced its partnership with Stellar Services.  CobbleStone's partnership with this renowned GSA service partner extends CobbleStone's offering of their software, implementation, training, and services for organizations in need of contract management, vendor management, eProcurement, and eSourcing software solutions to government agencies and commercial or private industries, including Pharmaceutical, Education, Energy, and Utilities - as well as several veins of the Transportation industry: Subways/Metropolitan Transportation, Ports, Airports, and Airlines.  To learn more, read this press release.

    CobbleStone Has Partnered With Aeren LPO To Extend CLM Offering

    CobbleStone announced a services partnership with Aeren LPO – a leading-edge legal process outsourcing organization.  The partnership seeks to provide CobbleStone Contract Insight users with extended legal operations services in the United States, India, Europe, and the United Kingdom for a powerful and internationally agile contract management software experience.  To learn more, read this press release.

    CobbleStone Has Partnered With Win Solutions Pvt Ltd

    CobbleStone announced its partnership with Win Solutions Pvt Ltd. CobbleStone's partnership with Win Solutions benefits those from the Republic of Maldives and citizens from surrounding nations by providing a local resource from the Maldives that can effectively coordinate CobbleStone's robust CLM software services.  To learn more, read this press release.

    Make Your Case for Contract Lifecycle Management Software

    We Have Fostered Our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

    CobbleStone has continuously embraced corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in accordance with a mission that transcends the broader contract management software community in an attempt to make the world a better place. 

    Some CobbleStone CSR initiatives include:

    • CobbleStone's fundraising for Lindenwold Animal Adoption Center.
    • CobbleStone's sponsorship of EnviroOne for reducing poverty and sustainably improving human development.
    • CobbleStone's commitment to environmental sustainability with a pledge to follow EPA Energy Star general guidance.

    We Have Launched Data Centers Around the World

    Expanding international agility, CobbleStone in 2021 has launched regional data centers in Australia, Canada, and Europe.  The capacity for CobbleStone users in these areas to utilize a regional data center for their CLM software needs can help them feel more secure and confident in their local regulatory data compliance obligations and local hosting environments.  New client users can utilize the regional data centers upon request, while current clients can contact CobbleStone to migrate to the regional data centers seamlessly.

    Thank You for Helping Us Finish 2021 Strong!

    We are humbled and honored by the opportunity to have served many leading organizations from such a vast array of industries this past year and in many years prior.  We look forward to even more success, growth, and expansion in 2022 and beyond!

    Book a free demo today to learn more about CobbleStone Contract Insight!

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    Published: 01/5/22
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