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    Get the most ROI out of contract management software with training from your trusted provider.Contract management software is an investment that can help organizations to gain control over their contracts, drive more value through contracting, and increase productivity and efficiency.  Additionally, it can improve transparency, reporting, compliance, and oversight - driving the the most value through comprehensive contract lifecycle management.  User-friendly solutions can be implemented quickly, and with leading providers like CobbleStone Software, implementors act as guides to help system administrators configure their Contract Insight® system to meet their organizations’ needs. In this article CobbleStone's Training Manager, Nash DeVita, explains the importance of continuing contract management software education.

    Choose the Right Contract Management Software Provider

    (Training Matters!)

    Beyond features, what makes a contract management software provider stand out from the competition is the ongoing training opportunities it provides to its users.  Contract management software training allows organizations to take contract management to the next level.  As a result, they can improve cross-department operations and the ability to scale their system to meet the dynamic needs of their organization, implement new features, and increase ROI from their contract management system.

    Ongoing learning opportunities make managing contracts and overseeing the system stress-free for contract administrators – freeing up more time for them to focus on other demands of their day.

    Training also supports employee transitions.  Whether a system administrator changes roles or leaves the organization, new administrators will be able to quickly acclimate and succeed in managing end-user processes, configuration steps, and system capabilities with the support of contract management software training.

    CobbleStone's Contract Management Software Training Can Help

    To support organizational success and improve ROI, CobbleStone is proud to offer various training opportunities:

    We offer regular online training sessions for Contract Insight users that are focused on one topic per session.  Those topics are covered in most months, so if a session is missed, if a new user needs to be brought up to speed - those training sessions are typically available.  The recurring, online sessions cover subjects that are useful for end-users and others that are designed to better serve administrators and range in topics such as contact record management and solicitation management to field management and even risk management tools! 

    If one of those online sessions is of interest and you are a CobbleStone user, contact to learn more. 

    We also offer more in-depth, in-person training opportunities across the United States with our Road to Contract Management and Procurement Success tour.  CobbleStone Software team members travel to major metropolitan areas to meet with and train users and non-users alike.  If you can partake in one of those training sessions, I highly recommend it.  We get to go into some detail about topics important to you.  We network with other CobbleStone users and offer best practices to both users and non-users, and we get to discuss how features might be best implemented into your Contract Insight system.

    To learn more about this training opportunity, contact

    Another great in-person learning and networking opportunity is CobbleStone’s user conference.  The days we spend together with CobbleStone Software employees, users, and administrators are enriching to put it lightly.  Numerous attendees are present year after year – and for good reason.  More business relationships have been created during these conferences than I can count.  Opportunities to learn more about new and existing functions are available.  Just as importantly, opportunities to talk with other users about how they are using Contract Insight and learn from them always arise.

    To learn more about CobbleStone's 2020 User Conference, contact

    More Opportunities to Learn (and Grow) with CobbleStone

    Our learning opportunities do not stop with group events!  Once your CobbleStone implementation is complete, your organization can begin taking advantage of optimization sessions.  At CobbleStone, we recognize the need to ask questions specific to your system around advanced topics such as optimizing workflow and ad hoc reports.  Let us know what you want to learn about - we can help.

    These sessions are an excellent opportunity to touch base with experts at CobbleStone who empower system admins to manage configuration confidently.  We aim to put the power of configuration into the hands of individual system admins.  We support you after implementation with optimization sessions so you can regularly increase your knowledge of your system.  To use a cliché, no man is an island unto himself, and we do not want you to be.

    Do you have a new system administrator?  Let us know!  We would like to help design a training plan that will work for your team. Do you have new end users who need to get up to speed quickly?  We can help with that too!

    If you prefer to advance your system skills on your own, CobbleStone offers users access to orientation videos and the wiki/user manual.  Depending on the configuration of your organization’s CobbleStone system, relevant links likely appear in the Help menu.

    CobbleStone is committed to supporting its users and contributing to its clients’ success!  CobbleStone training is available so you and your organization can get the most out of your contract management software investment. 

    As our client, if you need training, let us know by contacting  If you are not presently a client, consider CobbleStone: a trusted leader in source-to-contract management solutions.  Request a demo and discover a company that cares about you and your return on investment from contract management software.

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    Published: 05/26/20
    Nash DeVita

    Written by Nash DeVita

    Nash DeVita is the Training Manager at CobbleStone Software.

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